Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Sephiroth

Defeat the former war hero and legendary warrior Sephiroth

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

After numerous visions and teasing Cloud, Sephiroth is back and just as expected is super difficult. Here's how to defeat the god-like warrior in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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The fight will begin with Sephiroth taking on Cloud in 1v1 combat. Counterstance is your best friend here as Sephiroth has incredibly powerful melee and magical attacks, the most annoying being Blizzaga since it hits then explodes. Fortunately, Sephiroth telegraphs his attacks openly and preparing a counter is easy. However, Sephiroth can easily knock Cloud off balance and follow up with a deadly combo. Always be on guard.

The second phase will have Aerith joining in. Sephiroth will become more aggressive and attack more frequently. As before counterstance is your best friend. Be aware that if you switch Sephiroth will instantly target said character, and Aerith is the last person you Sephiroth to attack as she cannot counter and lacks the mobility to dodge his attacks. Instead, have the NPC guard when he attacks Aerith by switching to Cloud. Once enough damage is dealt Sephiroth will break the floor and continue the same pattern. 

The third phase will have Tifa join in but Sephiroth will go full god-mode and reveal his wing. Sephiroth can be pressured using Tifa's Showstopper and Cloud's Triple Strike but once he tries Thunderstorm avoid the glowing circles like they're the plague. After Sephiroth reaches the last 1/4 of his health he'll begin separating your team with giant firewalls. Sephiroth can go through these walls but he'll often target the lone target, just hope its not Aerith. Cast Barrier on the lone ally and keep them healed until the firewall disappears.

During the final sets of attacks, Sephiroth will use his Limit Break Octoslash DEFEND AT THIS POINT followed by Meteor. This is where you have to go all out, use everything. If he cast Meteor it's game over. Avoid the Heartless Angel attack when casting and keep Aerith at a distance just in case to heal those caught in the blast and use Summonings if you have one available. Keep attacking until Sephiroth's casting of Meteor is canceled.

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