Minecraft Dungeons Corrupted Cauldron Boss Guide

Time to fight a Cauldron

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 May 2020

Minecraft Dungeons has plenty of bosses to keep players on their toes. The first being the Corrupted Cauldron, here's how to beat it.

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The Corrupted Cauldron has 2 major attacks, summoning pink slimes that shoot projectiles and an AOE flame barrier. The pink slimes spawn indefinitely and can easily take out the protagonist if not dealt with. Use your arrows and any artifacts to kill the slimes quickly or they'll just keep piling up. 

When you're not killing slimes you should be attacking the cauldron. The flame barrier will come up occasionally but is not permanent. When it dies down take the opportunity to get in some melee strikes but don't stay too long or you'll take massive damage. Manage killing the slimes and attacking the Cauldron and it'll eventually die.

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