Minecraft Dungeons The Nameless King Boss Guide

Dethrone The Nameless King

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 May 2020

Minecraft Dungeons does allow you to take down a king, but unfortunately, his name is unknown. Here's how to beat The Nameless King.

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The Nameless King will constantly summon adds and shoot projectiles at the player during the fight. Takedown the adds first, they have shields so remember to use your range attacks before striking. After summoning the adds The Nameless King will teleport, create copies, and shoot more projectiles before powering his staff.

After killing the adds dodge the projectiles and wait for The Nameless King to charge his staff. At this point, you can get in some easy strikes. If you're confident you can hit him while he's launching projectiles. The fight will go on like this until The Nameless King falls.

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