Minecraft Dungeons Final Boss Boss Guide (Arch-illager / Heart of Ender)

How to defeat the final bosses of Minecraft Dungeons

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 May 2020

Minecraft Dungeons final boss fight ramps up the challenge, providing 2 boss fights against powerful enemies. Here's how to defeat them.

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The Arch-Illager functions similarly to The Nameless King fight. The Illager will teleport around the stage, shooting projectiles in a 3-path pattern and summon adds. You can move between the projectiles if you're far enough and shoot him with your arrows which are recommended. If fact, if you have artifacts that allow for regenerating arrows and Fuse Bombs you should equip them.

The first phase isn't that hard, just evade and counter-attack. You can use the panels to leap across the stage if needed. The second phase is where things get real.

The Heart of Ender isn't a joke and can easily kill you. The fight will open with the creature crawling around the stage leaving behind a toxic trail. It'll then, depending on its health, either shoot a high powered beam that cannot be evaded under or shoot Nether bombs that leave fire trails that drain your health rapidly when hit.

After its spiraling beam attack, the boss will teleport and start shooting beams at the player and while shooting the same beams starting leaving a new trail of toxic smoke. The illager is vulnerable during most of these attacks, with the exception of the head beam attack. It's ideal to use your range attacks here as getting close will certainly lead to death.

As the battle continues the Heart of Ender will increase its speed but remain loyal to the same attacks.

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