Minecraft Dungeons Rune Locations

Where to find all the runes in Minecraft Dungeons

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 May 2020

After completing the game players can access a new area in Minecraft Dungeons, the Chruch. This new location allows players to unlock a secret stage called Moo?? if you can locate all the runes in the game. First, interact with the Dog painting on the upper left side of the screen to unlock the room then get your search on. Here's the location for each rune.

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First off, The Chruch is located inside the Camp. Head the right side of the camp from the main map and venders. You'll find a springboard that will take you to the other side of the valley. On the bottom is an opening that leads to a path to the church.

Remember that each stage in Minecraft Dungeons is randomly generated so the location won't be exact.

1. Creeper Woods Run

When freeing the Villagers a stone switch will appear, usually in the southern region in the next area. This is where you should find the rune.

2. Soggy Swamp

After defeating the boss you should find a switch by a stone pillar by the exit.

3. Pumpkin Pastures

Just past the first village but not past the drawbridge is the second rune. Usually by the stone bridge or ontop a hill.

4. Cacti Canyon

After the ambush by the Arch-illager look for the switch by the gate leading to the next area.

5. Redstone Mines

After freeing the second set of Villagers the rune should be by a Redstone cart.

6. Fiery Forge

At the end of the first mine the rune can be found near the entrance to the Redstone Golem.

7. Desert Temple

The rune should be inside the room with the golden key.

8. Highblock Halls

This one is hard. When inside the castle the rune can be found in a large courtyard on the right wall.

9. Obsidian Pinnacle

When inside the library you'll notice a room you cannot enter as shown on your map. Start interacting with the bookshelves to find the switch.

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