In the past couple of days or so, the internet has blown up with a new wave of brave women coming out against sexual harassers, and this was particularly true within the Destiny community. However, fans of Bungie’s looter-shooter franchise have opened up a can of worms far larger than anyone expected.

It started with allegations surrounding Destiny 2 streamer SayNoToRage, also known as Lono. Fellow streamer JewelsVerne ignited a fire by posting about the experience she had with Lono, where he kept his hand on her thigh throughout a card game before outright asking her for sex. Jewels’ post was just the beginning, however. More and more female streamers began to come out: SarahDanielsTV and MindOfSnap in particular had more damning comments.

Sarah Daniels Barrett (SarahDanielsTV) and JewelsVerne discussing harassment from Lono (SayNoToRage)

Lono attempted to make a response, but quickly took down the video, where he blamed his troubled past. He believed the video was painting him as a victim which he felt was wrong. Regardless, Lono was just the beginning.

Everything that came out against Lono inspired other women in the community to share their own stories. One streamer that was hit particularly hard was Luminosity. Luminosity, another Destiny 2 streamer and member of the BSK clan, was accused of horrific and toxic behavior by his ex-girlfriend. Luminosity owned up to it, and claimed it was a lapse in judgement when his power and influence got to his head. While Lono was the start, Luminosity would be the one who ended up blowing it all open.

I mentioned that Luminosity was a member of BSK. The BSK clan was a large group of content creators within the Destiny community, but following the news that has come out, the clan itself has seemingly vanished from social media. Luminosity, along with the rest of BSK, was accused of soliciting nude photos from women and then sharing them on a private Discord server. This turned the accusations from Luminosity alone onto the entirety of BSK.

After BSK was properly outed for their horrific actions, more news about them began to come out. Rather than focused on sexual assault or sexual harrasment, the new content surrounding BSK was in regards to their conduct in-game and their association with a lesser known group calling themselves Orange Justice (OJ).

OJ was a group of cheaters, there’s no other way to describe them. They would dox and ddos people, especially Destiny 2 content creators. Most infamously, OJ member Ethan “Neato” joined the fireteam of popular content creator Gothalion to collect the IPs of him and his fireteam before a World’s First Raid Completion event. Neato, likely along with other OJ folks, used these IPs to continually DDOS the fireteam, preventing them from completing the Raid at all.

Orange Justice Image Pitting Them Against Popular Creators
An image from OJ pitting them against popular content creators.

But what does OJ have to do with BSK? Well, this information is thanks to an anonymous poster on Medium, going by the name “BSKOJComplicit.” Their post has blown the connection between these doxxers and ddosers and the professional BSK clan wide open. Members of BSK have been seen in private matches with OJ members and are even shown in Twitter posts to have hung out with them IRL. On top of that, there are screenshots of Discord conversations where members of BSK are sharing IPs with members of OJ. On top of that, several members of OJ are also VIPS or Moderators in BSK twitch streams. 

BSK and OJ are linked in this same terrible fashion. Luminosity and other members of BSK have been complicit, if not outright aiding them, in what are federal crimes of ddosing, as well as local state crimes of doxxing. The information is still coming out, but the Medium post is still the largest chunk of information we have, especially because it contains proof in the form of screenshots of Discord conversations and Tweets that are now largely unavailable. If you want to read the article for yourself, you can right here, but be warned: Some of the conduct of OJ that is shown here is deeply racist and ableist, among the other varying levels of disgusting and disappointing.

What can we do? As a community, we have to continue to listen to those who have been harassed, ddossed, and doxxed by people in the community. We have to give platforms to victims of these acts. Lono, Luminosity, and BSK are only the beginning. If these people were allowed to exist in our community and were freely harassing women, sharing their nudes, and supporting criminals like OJ. These kinds of people cannot be allowed to have a platform within the community. If you see something, call it out. If someone you know has been harassed or attacked by these people, help them.

Lastly, if you have been the victim of this kind of harassment, these kinds of attacks, know that the community is on your side. You can take the time you need to process things and prepare yourself, but we need your voice so we can take action. If you are not ready to or not willing to speak publicly, talk to people privately. Big names in the community have made waves coming out in support of those who need it, both in public and in private.

We are here for you.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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