Best PlayStation 4 Exclusives of the Generation

PlayStation 4 Exclusives you need to play

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Aug 2020

The PlayStation 4 has had a very successful life so far. The system launched to massive acclaim and unlike Microsoft who started this generation with the strange idea that gamers wanted more television and fewer games. Sony took off running with exclusive titles that featured incredible gameplay and visuals. With so many to choose from here are our top 5 best PlayStation 4 exclusives of this generation.

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5. Final Fantasy VII Remake

The first part of this decade long fan request Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 had a meteoric positive reception. Some were annoyed the game wasn't a 1 to 1 recreation of the original but the new narrative allows for some variety where players can now expect something different from this retelling.

With Square Enix updating everything from the game's new active combat system, remixed musical score, and exceptional boss fights. Part 1 went further in showing how the eco-terrorist AVALANCHE may see themselves as the heroes of the planet but to the people of Midgar they're horrible terrorists who killed hundreds of innocent people. The developers also decided to slightly alter some characters such as Barret acting more kind-hearted and cursing way less and Cloud showcasing his apathy towards killing.

It gives a new perspective of things for those who played the original. Not just from a gameplay perspective but seeing these acclaimed and notorious figures in a different light. Hopefully, Part 2 won't take as long to release.

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4. Ghost of Tsushima

From raccoon thieves to mutant humans, Sucker Punch has stuck their hands into a lot of pools. Ghost of Tsushima was the studio's first dive into a samurai epic and its nothing less but outstanding. With players traveling through the massive island of Tsushima and fight against the Mongols.

Jin Sakai, a dedicated samurai warrior, leads the charge as he slowly adopts new techniques to better combat the invaders. Turning his back on a lifetime of ideals to save his people but in doing so unleashes something he cannot control. Jin facing not only the Mongols but his own people who are taking advantage of the current situation to kill and loot or joined the Mongols out of fear or desperation.

Sucker Punch went all in with this title, with a presentation that makes you feel like you're part of a samurai film. Along with the visuals themselves which made me fall in love with photo mode. Something I ignore entirely until playing Ghost of Tsushima.

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3. Marvel's Spider-Man

Before Rocksteady was the king of superhero games with their Batman Arkham series but Insomniac shattered expectations with Marvel's Spider-Man and challenged Rocksteady's claim to the throne. Giving players complete control over the acclaimed hero Spider-Man players could explore the New York City and take part in a fantastic Spider-Man adventure as Peter faces off against a variety of famous villains from his universe. You could take on Shocker, Vulture, Electro, and so many other villains as you uncover a deadly superweapon that if not stopped will kill hundreds.

The collection of amazing costumes and the brilliant City that Never Sleeps expansion offered more reasons to return even after the adventure ended. With Peter reuniting with Black Cat and teaming up with a former enemy. This game is the start of something amazing and with Spider-Man Miles Morales continuing the story with an isolated tale starring Miles we can expect more exciting adventures from this outstanding story.

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2. Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 was the first time many gamers, including myself, experienced this incredible series. Joker, a teenager on probation, forced to live with a guardian in a city of Tokyo. Things don't remain stable as Joker tries to adapt to his new life. Joker is sucked into the Metaverse and discovers new powers while making his first friends. Joker along with his Phantom Thieves decides to right the wrongs caused by insidious adults for glory and riches by changing the hearts of those with distorted desires. Essentially killing who they formerly were and replacing it with someone who empathizes with what they've done. While learning that their actions also carry heavy consequences as they discover they're not the only ones aware of the Metaverse and all its powers.

This turn-based JRPG offers a variety of colorful characters but doesn't shy away from real-life issues. Things such as sexual abuse, emotional trauma leading to unhealthy actions, and other dark topics are presented to complement achievements of moving pass or conquering these complex issues. Yes, Joker is your basic everyman who can accomplish anything and get with anyone but the surrounding cast offers enough complex personalities that each one easily makes up for this shortcoming. Not to mention the fantastic turn-based combat which requires extensive planning using your variety of personas and party members, each with distinct advantages.

Persona 5 Royal updated this incredible 60-hour adventure with new end-game content, dialogue, and characters. Easily making this already outstanding JRPG even better.

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1. God of War

Kratos has been a notorious figure among gamers. This one-dimensional killer of men, beasts, and gods never cared who suffered as long he got what he wanted. That changed with God of War with Santa Monica altering Kratos without sacrificing his past or his core principals.

Kratos is still a rage-filled god-killer but after years of being angry Kratos found a new home in Midgard and even a new family. Giving the god-killer a second-chance at redemption but at the same time discovering he cannot run from his past in an attempt to mold his son Atreus to be better than him as you slice and hack your way through Midgard's deadly world. Fighting off trolls, the undead, and even Valkyries while Atreus and Kratos grow closer.

God of War is a true masterpiece of storytelling and gameplay. Restarting this legendary franchise with a fresh new direction that maintains its root of facing against deadly mythology creatures but infusing story elements that would otherwise take a backseat.

What were your favorite games on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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