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Get all the collectables in Tell Me Why

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Sep 2020

Tell Me Why has a lot of collectables and we know where they all are. Here's is the location of every collectable. You can replay chapters within episodes in Isolation mode to prevent your saves from being erased.

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Episode 1:

1. Goblin 1 and Goblin 2

When waking up as Alyson you can look under her bed. You'll find the toy inside a shoebox. Goblin 2 can be found when taking control of Tyler. it's on his desk.

2. Mad Hunter

When under the house take the normal path but when you reach the drawing take a right. The toy is by a blue barrel.

3. Princess

Inside Mary-Ann's room on the right side of the bed.

4. Pelican

This is inside the department store office where Tessa is located. On the right side of her is a cabinet, inside is the toy.

5. Ice King

In the office by the Kitchen of the police station you'll come inside here for story progression. The toy is in the upper right side on the left side of the dual door cabinet, it's by a stool with binders on it.

Episode 2:

1. Ahoy Goblins:

This is underneath the family table inside the living room.

2. Moose

Found inside Eddy's drawer inside his office at the police station.

3. Muskrat 

When helping Michael with inventory as Tyler inside the store you can find the toy by the left side of the refrigerator and right side of the priest photo.

4. Beaver

When looking for Tessa after seeing after you'll have to a path that divides into 3. The right leads to a mother who is visiting her husband, the directly to Mary-Anns grave. Take the left path past the totem and head to the graves directly in front. You'll find the beaver behind the right tombstone.

5. Moon Hag

When returning to the barn after the fire you can find the toy inside the back of the barn where Mary-Ann kept her tools. When heading inside take a left and it's on the bottom right cabinet.

Episode 3:

1. The Secret Keeper

This can be found inside Eddy's room in the opening chapter. When downstairs head into his room and in the upper left side from entering is his closest with a box. Pick it up and scroll through all the stories in the Book of Goblins to unlock the next sequence. It'll trigger Alyson to realize it needs a coin, head to the kitchen where Alyson's wallet is located, and grab a coin. Put it the chest to get the toy.

2. The Old Bear

After Sam takes up to his personal room after confronting him of being Alyson's father you'll find the toy by his computer inside the drawer.

3. The Golden Lady

You get this after solving the first storyboard in Mary-Ann's hidden room. After completing it the toy is on the right side of the compartment.

After you gather all the toys place them in pedestals on the right and left side of Leo's box. To get the final achievement.

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