Horace - How to Defeat Robot Slave

Defeat the Robot Slave

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Oct 2020

When leaving the television station the scientist will attempt to test their latest robotic weapon on you. Here's how to beat it.

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The robot slave will start off charging you, bounce on its head. Once hit the robot will retreat to the ceiling while shooting easily dodged projectiles. Use the bombs it drops to shoot it towards the robot on the ceiling.

In the next phase, 2 lasers will be added to the mix. Avoid them and bounce on the robot's head. The robot will start to drop more bombs and launch more projectiles. The best option is to play defensive here since the lasers limit your movement greatly. Just wait for the robot to slip up and launch the bomb.

During the final phase, after jumping on its head, the slave will launch more projectiles in a dome pattern at accelerated rates. Like the second phase, play defensive. Avoid the sparks as much as you can and launch the bombs.

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