Horace - How to Defeat the Kill Bot 3000

The Kill Bot got an upgrade

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Oct 2020

Remember the K-Bot 100, well this is the upgraded Kill Bot 3000. Bigger, stronger, faster, and much harder to kill. Here's how to beat it.

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First off, avoidance is key here. The robot's fists are fast and have a large hitbox. The best tactic is to remain in the middle and dart between the 2 screws you need to interact with. After it clasps its hands try to unscrew one of the screws but watch for the sliding hand. Jump over it and continue unscrewing it. Do this for both.

The second set of screws are mostly the same, only the bot will attack quicker. Once done head inside and complete the platforming challenges. There's no trick here, just get it done. If you're having trouble the game will provide health pickups,

The second and third challenges are all about speed. You simply have to rush them. It sucks but that's what has to be done.

The final phase will have the bot launching sparks followed by 2 bombs, one with spikes and the other without. Jump on the red bomb when it's at an arch towards one of the Kill Bot's hands, line yourself up with the head and let the hand's slam attack cause damage. Do this 3 times to destroy it with the third phase adding fireballs shot in a star pattern. The best tactic is to rush through the final phase.

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