Gears 5 Hivebusters How to Defeat Wakaatu (Insane)

Fighting the legendary monster of fear

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Dec 2020

Wakaatu is not a push over, this deadly monster will turn you into goo if you're not careful. Here's how to defeat the beast.

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Wakaatu is only vulnerable when its venom sacks are exposed during specific times. Shooting it will force the beast to expose these sacks when tunneling through the ground and rising up and when flying when shooting large waves of venom. You can use the pillars for cover but these offer limited protection, instead use the trees to block the venom strikes. The trees won't crumble and you can use them to block all the venom strikes.

Wakaatu will target you at all times and it's best to use Keegan during this fight since he can resupply ammo. Lahni and Mac are not ideal choices alone since Lahni's blade are useless here and Mac's shield won't protect you against the area-of-effect the venom causes.

Using the tree keep you and Wakaatu separated and cautiously shoot when the sacks are exposed. On insane and higher being exposed to the venom is instant death in most cases. You want to play defensively here, using a Lancer and if you're confident a boomshot. Both are available around the field.

When flying Wakaatu will shoot venom blasts that leave toxic effects. On insane, this is instant death so avoid them. Allow your allows to act accordingly, they're mostly just a distraction. Keep using the tree to keep Wakaatu at a distance, shoot when the sacks are exposed, and you should take down Wakaatu.

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