Gears 5 Hivebusters All Collectables And Ultimate Upgrade Locations

Get all the ultimate abilities and collectables in Gears 5 Hivebusters

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Dec 2020

Hivebusters comes with new collectables and Ultimate upgrades. Here's where you can find them all.

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Act 1

COG Tags

These are located in the pool of water by the tree log where the COG's pilot is found. Jump down and its on the right side of the log.

Kaliso Family Photo

After Lahni pushes the tree and you walk across a stone path you'll leap down to another forested path with a large tree on the right. On the other side are a Deebee body and a photo.

Outsider Accolade

When reaching the crashed plane head right. You should fight an ammo crate and an EMBAR. Continue down and you'll find the token.

Oynx Helmet

After smashing through the plane's destroyed door and sliding down a ridged head down the path. You'll find another Deebee body on the right side and an Oynx helmet.


Act 2

When inside Sanctum for the first time head down and on the first set of crates on the right side of the left crate is the first Ultimate Upgrade.

From the Ultimate Upgrade go into the right side control room. By the weapons on the right wall, by the lockers are the Sanctum Citizen Intake Form.

Missive to Prescott

After killing the second set of Rejects on the left are rooms. Inside the left room in the bedroom is the collectable.

Locust Burial Report

Head down the first slope from the previous collectible. On the left side is a fusebox, use Mac to unlock the room on the right from the fusebox to find the collectable on the coffee table.

Ultimate Upgrade

Head back where you found the Missive from Prescott and the right room will now be unlocked. Inside is the upgrade.

Hydroponics Handbook

After Lahni unlocks the door by the fusebox to get the Locust Burial Report head left to find a gardening area. Use Mac to fix the door by interacting with the fusebox on the right. Head inside, kill the Rejects, and by the upper left side of the room is the collectable.

Ultimate Upgrade

From the Handbook head to the elevator but before heading down on the left side of the room by some weapon crates is the Ultimate Upgrade.

Sovereign Directive 34724

After your first encounter with the Swarm, you can find a room on the right side leading to the next part of the area separated by a ladder is a control room. Inside is the collectable.

Sanctum Welcome Brochure

After the battle in the Climate Room head left from the entrance and you'll find a room with the collectable on the left-side of the room.

Ultimate Upgrade

In the room leading out of the Climate Control room is the Ultimate Upgrade on the right side of some crates. It's right at the entrance.

Map of Sanctum

After defeating the Carrier head into the next room and take a right from the control panel where Keegan has to unlock. Around the corner is the collectable.


Act 4

Eiko Letter

When entering the village for the first time take a right into a barn. Inside you'll find a Skelton and a collectable.

Ultimate Upgrade

From Eiko's letter, head back and down 2 sets of stairs. Take a right and head inside the boathouse.

Fearsome Mask

When heading into the first house before heading through the second set of doors on the right head left outside. On the table is the masks.

Ultimate Upgrade

Heading outside again, take a left, and inside the first door on the right is the Ultimate Upgrade.

Weilehan Incantation

From the Ultimate Upgrade leans towards the right. Inside the final house by a slab of meat in the collectable on the table.

Ultimate Upgrade

When inside the mainhall is the Ultimate Upgrade on the right side from the entrance.

Ultimate Upgrade

After killing the first set of Swarm you'll see a dead Snatcher. Directly above is a path and the Ultimate Upgrade.

The Journey: Craved Canoe

After killing the first set of Swarm you'll go into a new house. Inside on the left side of the table is the collectable.

Ultimate Upgrade

Before heading inside the temple and the Warden fight on the left side is a waterfall and the Ultimate Upgrade.

 The Spirit Walk: Craving

After finding the people have been podded take a right and there's a path leading to the collectable.

The Fear: Amulet

In the room with the Silverback is the collectable. It's on the right side table.


Act 5

Swarm Skull

After escaping Wakaatu by the dead Carrier is a drone. You can pick up its skull.


Act 6

Weilehan Prayer Bowl

When entering the room full of Wakaatu's poison on the left side of the centerpiece is a statue with the collectable.

Ultimate Upgrade

When entering the room with the statue of Wakaatu you'll see 2 rooms. Director behind the statue is the Ultimate Upgrade.

Weilehan Wake Totem

The room on the right of the Ultimate Upgrade is the collectable.

Ultimate Upgrade

When Lahni starts talking about her time killing Locust after Adam Fenix's weapon you'll see a broken bridge. Instead of taking the right path, as needed, go across the bridge and on the left is the upgrade.

Ultimate Upgrade

In the room with the breaker mace, after Lahni starts talking about dying in prison, you'll find the Ultimate Upgrade in the next room.

Silver Era Relic

Inside the same room as the Ultimate Upgrade directly behind it.

Message to Hoffman

Inside the fallen ship full of Deebees, right when you enter the plane on the left side is the collectable.

Graye's Journel

After killing the Deebees and going through some vines stay right and you'll see a path. Head down it to find the journal. 

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