The Medium - How to get Bolt Cutters

The name is Bolt Cutters

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Jan 2021

The bolt cutters are the most useful tools in The Medium but getting them isn't going to be easy. Here's how.

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After heading back to the main lobby Sadness will start to direct Marianne. Head to where the lights are flickering. When at the locked door take the steps right of the door and head through the now opened gate. You'll be guided to the pool, continue forward as the interactive elements here are not active as of yet. 

When heading down a long hall with a mirror interact with the door on the left and double back towards the mirror. You'll interact with Sadness again and need to interact with 3 items. You'll find a dog in the pool, a teddy bear by the platform across from the dog, a tank in the laundry room, and finally the locker message inside the locker. Head back to the mirror and head into the Otherworld. Head up the stairs and you'll find Bernard, or what's left of him. 

Follow the guide to the room on the right and collect the spirit energy. In the room, opposite use the Spirit Shield to burn the moths and grab the mask. Return it to Bernard and start running as the Maw will chase you. Head into the room with the Spirit Well and use the mirror asap to escape.

Avoid the Maw in the following section and head into the infirmary. You'll find a mirror and you'll find butterflies hovering over a key, head back into the real world, grab the key, and use it to open the door. There's a mirror in this room when you head down, use it, and cross the narrow passageway. When heading down you'll encounter the Maw again. As before, avoid the creature and head into Vivienne's manager's room.

You can find some information about the sicko here and use the mirror to cross into Vivienne's room. You'll find her bracelet on the desk, use the Investigator's ability to find a torn page, and use it on the book on the nightstand on the left side of the bed. Call the numbers and find out Vivienne's real name and grab the mask in the bathroom. Go through Vivienne's locked door by the bathroom and head back to return her mask.

Now from the corpse take the opposite room and head up. Go through the mirror in the second room across the bridge and make sure to listen to the Echo in the first room when entering the real world. Head into the conference room and read the paper on the desk. On the opposite end of the room is a desk with another Echo, listen to it and head back to the paper. On the lower left of the paper is an interactive prompt, click it and now find chair 9 and the one opposite which is room, make sure to interact with both or it won't count. Read the paper again and Marianne should vocally make the connection. Now the Maw is back.

Remain in the room till it comes inside and circle around to avoid it. Rush to the mirror once you're clear or it'll catch you. Place the mask and head inside to find the Bolt Cutters. In the room to the right is a mirror you can use to head into the real world and get them.

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