DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods - How to Defeat the Dark Lord

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By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Mar 2021

The Dark Lord is the final opponent in the Doom Slayer's path. Here's how to defeat the legendary warrior.

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The Dark Lord fights the Slayer as a superpowered Marauder but with a few more tricks. Similar to the Marauder the Dark Lord can only be hurt after being stunned. His eyes will flash green when an opening appears. You can stun him with any of your weapons but either shotgun is best given the speed. Once done you can use your Sentinel Hammer to increase the duration of the stun and use whatever weapon to deal heavy damage. The best weapon is the chaingun coupled with some grenades. 

The Dark Lord will summon dogs to attack the Slayer, which you can kill to regenerate your hammer. You can also Glory Kill the surrounding zombie adds for ammo and hammer charges but always keep an eye on the Dark Lord. If he hits the Slayer in any way he'll regenerate health.

The first part of the fight is just you avoiding the Dark Lord and waiting for the opportunity to attack. You have to remain in the sweet spot, not too close to get hit but not too far that he'll shoot with his cannons. Once enough damage is done he'll transport you to a different location where supplies are around the arena.

During the second phase, the Dark Lord will add a shield charge and grenades to his attacks, along with summoning 2 wolves. As before stay in the sweet spot and wait to attack. If he charges double dash to the side to avoid being hit.

With only 2 charges left a cutscene will play exposing the truth of the Dark Lord's origins before the real fight again. This time the Dark Lord will summon 2 wolves and a Hell Knight, which can be taken down easily but don't lose track of the Dark Lord. In addition, the Dark Lord will also call upon his strongest demons which include a Pain Elemental, Cyberdemon, Baron of Hell, and Dread Knight. The demons have 1/4 the health of the actual demons so taking them down is easy but you have to do this quickly. Try not to waste a Sentinel Hammer charge as they DO NOT DROP CHARGES. It should only be used if you're desperate.

As before, wait for the opportunity to launch a counterattack. This time the Dark Lord is much more cautious and you'll have to tough it out. There's plenty of zombies to farm armor and health from but remember if you're hit the Dark Lord recovers health. Keep up the assault and the Slayer should come out on top.

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