Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Find Liara T'Soni

Where is Liara T'Soni

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 May 2021

Mass Effect's first major mission when exploring the galaxy is locating Liara T'Soni. Here's where she's located.

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Liara can be found in Therum in the Knossos system of the Artemis Tau Cluster. Finding Liara should be first as it'll maximize the chance to romance her and give the player more options in dialogue.

When in the mission you should bring Tali along as her abilities are tailored to fight Geth. Garrus the best second choice given his abilities to remove shielding which Geth depends on.

After fighting your way through the Geth you'll eventually get to Liara but she's trapped. To open a path head down to the mining laser and use it to create a tunnel. The solution for Xbox is A X B Y X and PlayStation X Square Circle Triangle. PC is randomly generated.

After freeing Liara you'll face a Krogan Battlemaster and several Geth. The Krogan should be your first target due to his regeneration. Once dead you'll leave the area and gain Liara as an ally.

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