Mass Effect Find Dr. Saleon - Garrus Loyalty

Gain Garrus' loyalty

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 May 2021

While not mandatory gaining Garrus' loyalty does come with narrative bonuses, opening up dialogue unavailable before. To get this mission you must keep talking to Garrus after each mission, allowing him to open up to Shepard. Once done he'll tell you of a Dr. Saleon and how he would grow organs inside poor people but if they didn't grow correctly leave them to die.

Garrus will give you the codes and you can find the doctor in the Kepler Verge in the Herschel system on the bottom left. The MSV Fedele is your destination and inside are Thorian Creepers labeled as Test Subjects. The Anti-Thorian Gas Grenades can be used here.

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Once done you'll find Dr. Saleon using the alias Dr. Heart. Regardless of what you choose Saleon will die at the end

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