Mass Effect How to Gain Tali's Loyalty

Ensure a stable relationship with Tali

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 May 2021

Tali is one of the more stable companions in Mass Effect. There's no giant trust exercise but there's a way to ensure a stable relationship with the Quarian for future games. Here's how.

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In the Armstrong Nebula, Admiral Hackett will provide Shepard with a mission to destroy Geth outposts. You'll need to travel to each system, then land on the respected planet in that system to take out the Geth outposts. It's straightforward as each system has only 1 planet and if you go in a straight line from start to finish you'll get them all. When on the planets just bring up your map to find the location of the Geth outpost.

When defeating the fourth outpost you'll get a mission to destroy the fifth outpost in a newly unlocked System Grissom. Here you'll fight more Geth but after clearing the area head to the room in the lower area. It's on the opposite side of where you entered. Here you can unlock a Geth terminal and gain access to Geth data. Talk to Tali inside the ship and she'll ask for a copy. If you give it to her Tali will acknowledge this in future Mass Effect games.

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