Mass Effect Legendary Edition Insanity Tips

How to beat the game on its hardest difficulty

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 May 2021

Mass Effect's insanity difficultly will make short work of players underprepared for the upcoming challenges. But we have some tips to aid players in completing this challenging option.

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1. New Game Plus

It's ideal to play the game in New Game Play, giving you access to all your previous abilities and equipment. This will also grant Shepard access to Tier 10 weapons which cost a bit more but are worth it.

To access New Game Plus start a new game and choose "Select Existing ID". You cannot change Shepard's background or class though. Once in-game immediately change the difficulty to Insanity in the options menu when you start playing, if you do not you will not earn the achievement.

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2. Defense

The new weapons are great but you'll need strong armor to fight against the upgraded enemies. The key is to ensure your armor is up to date. For humans going for Colossus armor will ensure stable protection, especially with additional mods to increase shielding. Pressing X when in the equipment menu for the highlighted item will provide a list of mods you can equip.

Ideal abilities to ensure your survival include Barrier and Immunity which are great when in difficult situations.

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3. Go for Damage

If a strong defense, you'll need an equally powerful offense. During New Game Plus Shepard is granted way more credits and experience, to the point you'll reach your cap in no time. The credits are ideal for getting those Master Gear Spectre equipment sold at C-Sec and sometimes by other merchants.

The best option is to maximize your damage output with mods. These mods include High Explosive Rounds, Rail Extension, and Kinetic Coil. The issue with these mods is that they decrease heat absorption which means more overheating. However, BioWare has balanced the combat compared to the original so it's not as problematic. In fact, it's encouraged as these mods will make facing the Krogen Warlords and many harder enemies easier.

This is especially true for shotguns, which have been given a massive boost. If your class can use the weapon an Armageddon shotgun can take out enemies similar to a sniper rifle and easier shred through enemies close range. 

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4. Tali for Geth

You're going to face a lot of Geth in Mass Effect and while Tali is one of my favorite characters she also the best option to fight against Geth. Given her massive array of skills ranging from AI Hacking to disabling Geth shields, she can shred through the synthetics with ease. She's also good with organic targets with her shotgun abilities such as Carnage, which can 1-shot a Krogen if it makes contact.

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5. Maximize Charm or Intimidate

Mass Effect links paragon and renegade options to both Charm and Intimidate. It's ideal to maximize one or the other to bypass some of the battles in the game and keep some of your allies. This will allow Shepard to completely bypass the first part of the final boss and avoid certain combat situations.

If you have any more tips leave them in the comments below. Have fun exploring the galaxy.

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