Tormented Souls - How to Open the Waiting Room Gate

How to open the gate

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Aug 2021

The waiting room gate is closed and there's only 1 way to open it. Here's how.

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First, you need to grab the hex and socket found in the supply room. This room is located by the bottom of the stairs leading to Basement East. This is where you encounter the first enemy, before ending the area make a 180 and you'll see the gated room. Inside the locket are the hex and socket.

Now you need 2 pieces of a fake heart. There are 2 pieces but they can be in several different areas but always in a cooler. Here's where they are:

Waiting Room

Dentist Office (Left room in the waiting room)

Examination Room (Opposite side of the gate in the Waiting Room)

Put the hearts together by combining them.

Next is the T handle. This is inside the maternity ward, this is the room with the electronic lock. When inside, by the body is a lamp that is flickering. Interact with it to unlock a latch leading down to another room.

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The room contains a mirror, light the candles and head inside the mirror. Head up the ladder, kill the enemy, and place the heart inside the baby doll where the human person was located. This will cause the doll to come alive. Head back to the original body, turn on the power, and flip the breaker to retrieve the handle. Combine it with the hex and socket and use it to open the gate.

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Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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