Life is Strange True Colors Chapter 3 All Memory Locations

All the memories in Monster or Mortal

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Sep 2021

Life is Strange: True Colors' third chapter has Alex searching for more clues about Typhon and the companies operations but first, we need to help Ethan. And before that comes collectables, here are all the locations.

Life is Strange True Colors,NoobFeed,

Location: It's a Simple Plan

1. Bomber Jacket

Located in the back of the bar by the bathrooms. This is where the umbrella was located.

Location: Thaynor, Monster Slayer

Life is Strange True Colors,NoobFeed,

2. Dollar

This can be found after beating the Dire Wolf. Once defeated look behind you to find the dollar.

Life is Strange True Colors,NoobFeed,

3. Appointment Slip

This is by the blood stain by the tavern.

Life is Strange True Colors,NoobFeed,

4. Old Paper

In the tavern in the backroom by the pool table. 

Life is Strange True Colors,NoobFeed,

5. Valkyrie's  Dish

This is in Steph's shop, right side of the desk on the floor.

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