Why The Walking Dead is the Best Zombie Game Available

The Walking Dead: The Game isn't seeking to satisfy your desire to start a genocide of the zombie race.

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Sep 2012

The living dead, or zombies, have become such a notorious theme throughout books, movies, and video games that people tend to yawn then attempt look away in fear in the present of these once feared creatures. Video game developers have used zombies in many ways and created so many games tailored to this fantasy such as Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Dead Island, House of the Dead, and Left 4 Dead. Majority of these titles center on protagonist(s) killing massive amounts of the infected and attempting to survive this new horrible world, but once in a while you come across a game that attempts to use this same supernatural beings in a different fashion, of course I'm talking about The Walking Dead: The Game by Telltale games. While this series is well-known among comic and television enthusiast the game version has developed its own path within the series and maintained the same drama that has pleased fans. This take on the zombie apocalypse uses unsettling and depressing decisions that affect believable characters to hook the player into this drama without the need to kill massive amounts of zombies like Zeke and Julie from Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

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The protagonist Lee Everett, like many others, has unexpectedly been thrown into this nightmare and must protect a little girl named Clementine. A convicted killer and about to be sent to life in prison for murder is given a second chance when a Walker stumbling across the freeway and causing the police car to crash into the woods. Like most survivors the coming horrors have giving some people a second chance and as Lee it is up to you to mold a new identity as the valiant hero or cold-hearted survivor. Lee may come from a questionable and set background but he's entire personality is forged from the choices and actions of the player, allowing him to become whatever you decide and allowing for branching paths in the story. Will you choose to tell the truth about your past or attempt to create an alliance through lies and manipulation, each choice has a consequence.

Unlike other characters from past zombie related games you won't be killing massive amounts of the living dead. While Lee and his comrades do have to shoot, stab, and slice through these monsters you won't find him slicing through a crowd of infected with a katana, like Frank West from Dead Rising. Instead most problems are caused due to lack of food, medicine, and the living. Telltale Games have created a world of ruin that may have been caused by the zombie infestation but has become increasingly worst due to the living.

The characters are the biggest draw of The Walking Dead. While Lee's persona is up to you but the strangers that make up your group have a specific personality that is wonderfully portrayed with excellent voice-acting and writing. As you talk to each of them you will gain an understanding of where they stand, their demons, and desires. Eventually you will make judgments that will decide how if they see you as an ally, enemy, or food for the Walkers. Depending on whom you side with, sacrifice, and how you speak depends on how they will treat you throughout your journey.

Sacrifice is a major theme throughout Lee's journey. While killing Walkers is essential you won't be plowing through zombies like Chuck Greene from Dead Rising or John Marston in Undead Nightmare, but instead focused on keeping your group alive. You will encounter many situations where someone needs your help, but in order to save them you will need to abandon the trust or even life of someone else.

You would think with comic book style graphics would mitigate violent and brutality that the series is known, but you are wrong. While at the first episode deals with simple causalities at the hands of the Walkers each episode afterwards gets increasingly bloody as people are amputated, shot, and eaten. The developers at Telltale want to make sure that the situations you encounter are not only emotionally traumatic but have a share of intense gore.

The Walking Dead: The Game isn't seeking to satisfy your desire to start a genocide of the zombie race but building and maintain relationships with strangers who are key to your survival. It maintains the same atmosphere as the comics and the television show while creating its own identity within a beloved universe. With an excellent cast of characters, a malleable protagonist, and difficult choices you'll be more interested in what happens next instead of how many of the undead you have killed. Combining these mechanics in this manner makes The Walking Dead one of the best zombie apocalypse title on the market today.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed (@twitter)

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