5 Things I do not want to see in GTA V

Instead of talking about what I want out of GTA V, I decided to just list the points that I don’t want to see in GTA V.

By canana, Posted 18 Nov 2012

Although the wait seems endless, Grand Theft Auto V is slowly getting closer to release. Rockstar has finally revealed that the game will come to consoles in the second quarter of 2013, an announcement fans are undoubtedly excited about. After all, what's new that the company prepared to compensate the agony of those who can not wait to return to Los Santos? Unfortunately, we still have to wait a while longer to find out, as the publisher continues its silent policy regarding details on the fifth game in the franchise, releasing new information in small doses -- to our despair. On the other hand, this does not stop us from speculating. While no novel feature has been confirmed, our expectations lie in improvements around what already exists. For as grand and exciting as the games are, they are not perfect. There is always that edge that needs to be trimmed so that the result is even better. But instead of talking about what I want out of GTA V, I decided to just list the points that I don’t want to see in GTA V. You know that one feature that made you twist your face in one of the previous games? Chances are they’re exactly what I want out of what is already touted as one of  next year’s most anticipated games

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Girlfriends and  inconvenient friends

We're obviously not talking about your social life outside of video games, but within them. One of GTA’s notable features is focusing on a protagonist’s non-criminal life, showing that they are also people who come out to have fun and meet new people. The problem is when this game disrupts their "work". Who honestly didn’t got angry on hearing the phone ring and discover that your friend wants to go bowling or your girlfriend wants to go to a new restaurant at the exact moment you're doing an important mission or engaged in a police chase? Exploring this social side was at times  and brought many possibilities, but it was poorly executed. The phone calls that arose in the worst situations, forced the player into change his route to satisfy the character with whom he made a point. We want GTA, not Sims. This does not mean, however, that I’m not up for any side-quests. They give life to the world and makes everything more interesting. In this case, I’d rather do them any time I want, not when somebody calls me in a middle of a mission. Flirting and hanging out with friends are cool, as long as it does not break the rhythm of the game's central activity.

Exaggerated realism

One of Rockstar’s secrets on GTA’s success is betting on a formula that combines extreme realism with fantastical elements that would never be possible in the streets of real cities. After all, who ever imagined taking a car would be easy regardless of any traffic law? In Los Santos, the police are unforgiving. That's exactly what we do not want to lose in the new game. Some of the rumors surrounding GTA V state that the police will be more attentive. Even  ‘"minor’"  crimes such as speeding or passing a red light will earn you a star on the meter pursuit. Actually, this is an issue that can potentially divide opinion. On one hand, it may be an interesting addition. That would put more realism, so long as the arrest is ordered only if you are caught red-handed. Under these conditions, I won’t complain. However, if it happens automatically I still get caught regardless, it can turn frustrating fairly quickly. Much of the fun sandbox-type games is stepping on the gas and destroying everything that appears in front of you, despite what the DMV Los Santos has to say. Half of that charm dies if you are forced to stop in traffic or have to escape the car all the time.

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Weapon customization

GTA is not primarily a shooter, even with its extensive list of available weapons. The essence of the series has always been something looser where the fun is you approach a particular situation. That's why customization and equipment evolution is risky. Improving your weapons can be quite useful in other games, but it does not always fit. Think about how often you actually cared about every single weapon used in previous games. Virtually none, right? That's because what makes the franchise so much fun is exactly the uncompromising freedom we have at our disposal. In the end, we do not care if that rifle because 12 or 15 damage, but if he is able to kill one opponent before the police arrive. Risking this approach can make GTA V to approach many third-person shooter games of  out there - something that we do not want in any way.


One of the worst trends of this generation is that everything has to have multiplayer. Games that were heavily focused on the single player campaign received an extra mode so you can challenge or collaborate with others. Although some titles like Assassin’s Creed III have managed to bring something unique and deviate from shooting other people in the face others have not. Rockstar has put multiplayer modes in previous GTA games, but the results were never satisfactory. As much as the idea of putting everyone in town in a huge Deathmatch looks interesting, it is shallow and does not have a lasting impact. That's why, in GTA V, we want a multiplayer that’s actually worth investing hours in. The idea of exploring Los Santos in online mode can even be reused, provided that we have different ways to explore the vastness of the map optimally. If Rockstar is able to create something different and implement creative ways to explore multiplayer, I’m on board. Otherwise, Rockstar should stick with the single player, a fact that they do best.

GTA V, Review, Latest, News, Rumor, Preview, Trailer

Zombie mode

By all that is holy in this world, thats enough! Zombies are cool, but that's no excuse to put them in everything. see it as more of a joke, especially when games introduce "new" modes that aren’t exactly new. I kindly ask Rockstar to not do the same with GTA V. This basically started with Red Dead Redemption, but because the game entered in a context entirely consistent with the proposed theme.Moreover, killing hordes of zombies can get old fast. The whole “infestation has lasted three years” is no longer amusing to me., In fact, it is absurd you’re to do something slightly different, let the dead out in their tombs and bet on another niche, like dinosaurs, aliens or anything else - but no more zombies!

I could go on about things I don’t want in Grand Theft Auto V, but that’s where I’ll stop. Though I think Rockstar is an exceptional developer, it does not mean they’re exempt in making mistakes. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to know what features or elements you don’t want to see in GTA V. Surely there must be some characteristic you think does not fit the game’s universe. Feel free to say it in the comments. But what if the studio decides to ignore us and put it all in the final product? As frustrating as it is to say, I'm sure that fact will matter little and we'll buy the game anyway.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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