Podcast Locked In "When David met William"

Welcome to the last episode of Podcast Locked In for 2013.

By Admin, Posted 20 Dec 2013

This is the last episode of Podcast Locked In for 2013, and this week David is joined by NoobFeed newcomer William Potter. As you can image they'll be talking all the things about games, David gets on his soapbox once or twice regarding micro transactions, and the state of EA's games of late.

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There's also a giveaway on NoobFeed, details are given at the start of the show but more information can be found at this link.

So sit back and enjoy!

David Birch & William Potter, NoobFeed

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  • This is by far the best episode so far. Quality discussion and I loved the crystal clear recording. However, I couldn’t have agreed more with David about his remark about Titalfall. I too think it’s going to be a disaster. Too much hype can literally put the developers in pressure, and they can easily mess things up. Same happened with Duke Nukem Forever. Until next time, Merry Christmas!
    Posted Dec 20, 2013
  • A gamer in training!!! YES!! Train her well :o)

    ALSO THE LAST OF US!!! I still don't understand how anyone could dislike it, but I never thought about the walls and how that could bother someone. Valid point.
    As far as the abuse goes online, I tend to keep my headset unplugged too. This shouldn't be the case, I think more positive people need to speak up (there's more awesome gamers then sharty ones).
    Great podcast! I want to say so much :) Awesome job dudes! Can't wait for the next one :o)
    Posted Dec 21, 2013

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