The Walking Dead: Season Three Predictions

What will happen to Clementine in season three of Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Game?

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Sep 2014

Clementine's journey is finally over, and despite everything she was taught by Lee Everett, the little girl has evolved into someone stronger, depending on your decisions. She's either a battle-scarred hardened survivor or a paragon, refusing to become corrupted. Despite how you molded your Clementine, the choices you made at the end of No Going Back will determine how Clementine's journey concludes. Season one's conclusion was a massive hit with fans, leaving many in tears after seeing Lee and Clementine part ways, but regardless of how you decided to end Lee's journey, players saw the same ending. What made season two's ending special isn't how it ended but how Telltale plans to start season three.

Alvin Junior as the New Protagonist

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Regardless of which ending you chose in season two, A.J. is a constant companion. Clementine will always be the one trusted to care for him, and Telltale could choose to make A.J. the new Clementine, thus making Clementine the new Lee. If that's the case, we could see another leap forward in time, similar to the start of season two when Clementine was quickly aged.

It's clear that the relationship Lee and Clementine had is still popular with fans and Telltale, even in season two. A.J. and Clementine could recreate that same emotional connection players had with Lee and Clementine. Hopefully if this does happen it won't end the same way.

Clementine's End

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No one is safe in The Walking Dead. Characters die, and sometimes the player has absolutely no control over the situation. The story demands that this person's life ends, and those who're still alive simply have to continue forward. Telltale decided to cut Duck, Katjaa and Luke - how long until we see Clementine's demise?

Christa's Return

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It's a small possibility, but Christa could still be alive. Like Christa, Kenny was placed into a life-and-death situation and somehow survived. If you chose to go to Wellington in episode with Kenny, Clementine asks a guard if she knows anyone named Christa. It's clear that Clem still thinks about Christa, and Telltale hasn't forgotten about her. No character is safe in the world of The Walking Dead, and if Telltale does decide to end Clementine, she'll be the only connection A.J. has to his surrogate mother.

These are my predictions. What are yours? Do you also think A.J. will be the new playable character, or will Clementine retain her role? It might be a while until Telltale reveals details about season three, so get your thinking caps on, and let me hear your theories in the comments below.

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