19 Games Launched On Steam On December 4 - Here Are The Top 5

Steam pooped out a ton of games, so we picked the very best for you.

By Daavpuke, Posted 05 Dec 2014

There were a total of 19 games released on Steam today, which doesn’t include software, downloadable content (DLC) or demos. That holiday season rush is really setting in. With Valve’s latest update to the storefront, it’s already pretty hard to keep track of new releases, so we decided to clue you in on some.

Here are the top 5 games released on Steam on December 4, 2014:

School of Dragons MMO

5. School of Dragons

Is School of Dragons going to be our pick for Game of the Year? It’s unlikely. Still, the title that’s built around How To Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks Animation is a free-to-play item and as such it’s good for some divertissement.

There’s a “family friendly” vibe that puts it in the genre of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games like Free Realms. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be relaxing to tackle lighter mini-games, raise your own dragon, farm, fish and so on. It’s a cruel world out there. Why not relax with a familiar-looking MMO?

bombing bastards

4. Bombing Bastards

After a Steam Greenlight period, developer Sanuk Games was able to release Bombing Bastards on Steam. You may remember the name from its list of PSP Minis games the company used to release. Their mini-game expertise has now lead the studio to basically remake Bomberman. It has nearly everything the arcade classic used to own: explosion-filled square mazes, throwing and kicking bombs, friendship-ending multiplayer and so forth. There’s also an adventure mode set over different planets that will end with a boss fight for a change of pace. It’s not like you’ll get a new Bomberman game soon.

Skilltree Saga

3. Skilltree Saga

Developer Silent Dreams from the Grotesque Tactics series is back with a new game, set in the popular lore of The Dark Eye. It takes the classic license and transforms the normal roleplaying game (RPG) genre to a roguelike model. It does, however, retain that earthen, fantasy tone that’s prominent in European RPGs.

In Skilltree Saga, a hero of a chosen race will fight against randomly generated monsters. With their loot, it’s possible to equip new gear, advance in attributes and learn new spells. It’s certainly the most original investment in the series recently.


2. Malebolgia

We try to keep up with indie games the best we can, but this one admittedly passed us by, while it shouldn’t have. Malebolgia is an artful mixture of a lot of fan favorite titles. There’s a Dark Souls setting, but with some isolating Ico wandering and weird Killer7 art that takes advantage of the contrast between light and dark.

Time and weather will change locations, which can include blizzards setting in. You’ll have to fight your way out of some towering boss fights or keep others at bay with a torch. Its atmosphere looks superbly mesmerizing and creepy.

Adventurer Manager

1. Adventurer Manager

We established that it’s hard to stay original in the RPG genre. Well, Adventurer Manager is certainly not like its randomized peers. You still recruit heroes and fight against evil foes, but this can just as well be done automatically. Its focus is more on being able to manage the team, rather than the fight for glory itself.

Really, in this economy, don’t you want to live out your dream of being able to lead a group of people? If you’ve ever dreamt of hitting that junior management promotion at the local burger place, then maybe this is a leg up.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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