Sony's Press Conference Overview

Sony had some big announcements, and here they are.

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Jun 2015

Shawn Layden, CEO and president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, started the press conference with a long awaited title that gamers have been waiting for. The Last Guardian finally made it’s appearance.

The Last Guardian

The little we all saw five years ago has returned, and so has his feathery friend. Calling out just like Ico to Yorda or Wander to Agro, this little boy calls out for his friend to help him cross a bridge. After successfully navigating the treacherous collapsed bridge a new puzzle is presented, pulling a cart but then the platform collapses and the boy jumps, saved by his friend’s tail.

Both the boy and the creature need one another to survive. During their escape the boy quickly aids his companion when faced with a deadly fall. The Last Guardian is set to release on PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Horizon Zero Down

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, took the stage to introduce a new project by Guerrilla games. Herman Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla games, introduced their new franchise called Horizon Zero Down. After a apocalypse destroyed all life, with those lived referred as the Old Ones, new creatures took their place. Man and machines now live together, with machines now acting organically.

The people who live in this world now exist in tribes. Some leading in new scientific discoveries and others simple hunters. It was hard not to be reminded of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West while watching all the action.


Looks like Agent 47 is making another return, in Hitman. While the demo revealed little information with Asas Qizilbash explaining the next installment in the franchise. Coming to console and PC, with a digital release leading it all.

PlayStation owners will not only gain access to the beta but six exclusive contracts.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V,Noobfeed,Capcom,Sony,

It’s not coming to Xbox One, PlayStation owners can brag because Street Fighter V looks every bit amazing as the previous installment. The beta will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 on July 23. Pre-order to ensure your spot.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky,Noobfeed,

Shawn Murry from Hello Games wanted to show off No Man's Sky. Space combat was briefly demoed but Murry wanted to show the scale of the map. With Suns harboring planets with their own ecology it sound insane that all these places could have their own environment.

When traveling to Planet E3, which Murry just named, he explained that everything is destructible. While locating a beacon, which is used to upload discoveries Murry is attacked by Sentinels, which protect planets from travelers. It sounds impossible how Murry describes this game but until we get an official release all we can do is hope.


Alex Evans from Media Molecule to showcase Dreams. This dream creator allows players to create their own visions using an assortment of tools. Shown were various examples of creations made using the tools at hand such as teddy bear killing zombies and a piano player.



The trailer shows the protagonist aiding people and finding new locations. While the information shown in the trailer was minimum it highlighted exploration, helping people and a strange mystery surrounding your outpost.

Destiny: The Taken King

Adam Boyes came out to showcase what was coming to Destiny, and apparently it’s about Taken King. New enemies, weapons, abilities and powers were shown throughout the trailer that should bring life into this standard title. Currently no date has been set but we can be sure it’ll probably launch on PS4 first.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

While Ubisoft’s conference was absent with any new content, Evie Frye was present and active at Sony’s conference. Showcasing her weaponry and talents Evie is just as deadly as Jacob. Exclusive to the PlayStation will be a series of murders called the Dreadful Crimes.

Final Fantasy

A new Final Fantasy has finally been announced for PlayStation called World of Final Fantasy. While this tiny adventure was a joy to see it wasn’t as well-heard as Final Fantasy 7: Remake. Yes you heard right, Final Fantasy 7: Remake is coming to PlayStation 4!

Devolver’s Four New Games

Ronin, EITR, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls will be coming to PlayStation 4.


The incomplete and cult classic Shemue is now on Kickstarter. Yu Suzuki came on stage to countdown the start off the Kickstarter campaign.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight,Rocksteady,Noobfeed,Sony,Scarecrow Missions,

New footage showcasing the exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Missions. The trailer highlighted an Officer named Owens infected with the Scrawcrow’s serum and being attacked by ghouls.

Partnered with Activision

A new partnership, previously held by Microsoft, has changed hands to Sony. Cooperative play was shown first, highlighting five player cooperative action. While assaulting an artillery quad, allowing players to quickly switch equipment and take control of helpful machinery. Then came multiplayer, finally.

Taking elements from Advance Warfare, expect fast-pace combat. Wall-running, massive jumps and insane weapons. However the biggest change is the new kill streaks that allow you to take control of robotic sentinels and mow down enemy players. All PlayStation 4 owners will gain access, first, to the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta this August and all map packs that follow when the game releases.

Star Wars Battlefront

EA’s conference wasn’t enough as new footage was shown of the notorious title. A new horde mode, highlighting a desolate environment within a canyon has players facing against up to 15 waves of enemies. Each wave getting progressly stronger. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Combat and gameplay was the focus here, with Nate and Sully killing waves of enemies while avoiding gunfire from a 9mm. It was shown that driving will be part of the game. New adversaries, clever dialogue and intense action all makes a great Uncharted game, however story still remains a mystery. Perhaps we’ll hear more but for now Final Fantasy 7: Remake and The Last Guardian is on everyone’s mind.


Sony came out strong, revealing information about The Last Guardian, and left on a whimper. Although Uncharted 4 looks fantastic it didn't deliver anything new, mostly what we expect from the game. Yes some surprises did keep us on our feet such as Final Fantasy 7: Remake and Hitman but most of the games revealed were expected. It's no doubt that their partner with Actvision will prove profitable, just like it was for Microsoft, but overall it was an average presentation.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake was the highlight of the entire show, it was unexpected, but after the vexation caused by the reveal of Final Fantasy 7 HD this removed any animosity previously felt.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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