Facts About Fallout 4's Dog

Here's some details about Fallout 4's canine deuteragonist

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Jun 2015

Wandering the wasteland is dangerous, good thing Fallout 4 now has a canine companion to keep you company. However your new best friend isn’t here to just provide morale but will be an instrumental part in your journey.

Collect Items

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Chatting with your friend doesn’t only provide some entertaining dialogue but can collect items. By focusing your reticle on an item she’ll fetch the item for you. Hopefully this won’t lead to any issues, for example accidentally clicking an item and sending her into a horde of mutants while sneaking.

Immortal Dog

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No your dog isn’t a deity, but she is immortal. Todd Howard has confirmed that your dog cannot die, making her the powerful creature in the wasteland. However since this game is all about choice we can predict that an ending will exist where you can sacrifice her for the greater good.

Now, kill them all!

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Just like Dogmeat your pooch can attack enemies on command. These aren’t just basic attacks but vicious maulings. She’ll knock enemies to the floor and proceed to start ripping off limbs. Coupled with her immorality and she’s a walking tank.

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For more on Bethesda’s free conference check out the link here.

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