Interview With SuperButterBuns

We sat down with SuperButterBuns for an interview.

By Artemis, Posted 06 Oct 2015

On YouTube, there are many guides and walkthroughs you can use to make your gaming experience a little easier. Some are very in-depth; some are just a general overview of what to do and how to do it. The quality of those may waver depending on the YouTuber themselves and their technology, but they're often very similar to one another.

Now there's a new bun on the block making fun, informative and amazing guides for those who want to get in a game they may not know anything about it. This bun is SuperButterBuns, a YouTuber who takes on the persona of a buttery piece of bread. She's the creator of the “For Beginners” series, a series of videos in which she takes on the role as a comedic teacher telling her viewers all about the games they're about to get into, as well as a few tips and tricks on how to survive once they've entered the game's world.

I recently had the chance to sit down and interview SuperButterBuns about her show and here's what she had to say.

NoobFeed: How did you get the idea for your “For Beginners” series, and where did you get the idea of making your avatar an adorable piece of bread with various reactions and costumes?

SuperButterBuns: Well I always wanted to make a YouTube channel, but I wasn't sure what to focus on. I thought Let's Play would be too boring and so I deiced to go with scripted content, but I still wasn't sure what to talk about. Eventually I realized that there weren't any “beginner's guides” for just average games. Like yeah, there are for hard games like Dark Souls, but not games that are simple. Since most of my close friends aren't into video games, I thought I would just make real basic guides for people who don't know crap about video games, and easy ways to explain how you can get the most enjoyment out of them. As for the bun itself, I've had the bun drawing for a while and used it as icons in the past, so I just went with it and decided to make more to express my emotions better in videos since my voice overs weren't so lively in the starting stages of my channel.

SuperButterBuns The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

NoobFeed: Did you think of other objects or animals as your persona before you went with that buttery bun?

SuperButterBuns: Well, I've had the bun for a while now, but from the start I knew I was gonna have the bun be the face of my channel, but I never planned on putting them in the videos themself at first. When I was making my first video I wanted an aggravated face to pop up to make the joke more funny, so I was making some random frowning face and then I thought “wait… I have this lil' bun as my logo, I'll just put the face on that and use that in the video”. I originally only wanted it in one part, but it worked out pretty well and I decided to stick them throughout.

NoobFeed: In one of your latest videos you mention you're going to school and have a job, could you tell us some more about what you study and what work you do?

SuperButterBuns: Well, I just finished up school, but I was in a year-long college program for video production/editing certification. I'm not the best student so going for a 4 year degree seemed like a bad idea, so I went for something more practical. As for my job, it's nothing fancy; I'm a bagger/checker at a grocery store but I work a lot of hours.

NoobFeed: You've been streaming on Twitch lately, which is a considerably different format than YouTube videos, how has that transition been? Have you come up with a streaming schedule yet for your loyal viewers?

SuperButterBuns: I really enjoy twitch and interacting with all my fans, that's for sure. I use a lot of footage for my videos so I use Twitch as a way for me to get the footage I need and to just talk to everyone and spend time with the nerds. Personality-wise it's very different from the channel, I'm more relaxed and tend to open up a lot on-stream. Most of my fans come for the chat because I have some pretty amazing regulars that always make things interesting. It's a small group of about 20-30 people who call themselves the “Bun Brigade” and they keeps things pretty lively. And scheduling is a lil' tricky due to work, but for last few weeks I chose one day out of the week that was a stream all day, so for now that's kinda my schedule until things one up/.

NoobFeed: Throughout your videos you call your viewers “ya nerd!” in a good natured teasing way, where did that come from?

SuperButterBuns: Honestly, I can't really remember. I've been calling peoples “ya nerd” for years, but I think it might have originated from my co-host Oli. We have been friends for a long time and her terminology always made me laugh, so I might have picked it up from her.

SuperButterBuns Final Fantasy XIII

NoobFeed: How would you try to describe your sense of humor to someone who doesn't know anything about your style of comedy?

SuperButterBuns: I guess goofy sarcasm…? I mean, I do tone down my humor for the videos to keep it “family friendly,” but most of my jokes come from how I deliver what I'm saying, because half of the stuff I write isn't funny at all until I speak it. So I don't know how I would really describe it.

NoobFeed: Have you ever thought of doing other shows like “For Beginners”, but with different forms of media like TV, comics, anime and the like?

SuperButterBuns: I've thought about branching into movies at some point, but not really anime or TV. Like, I love me some good anime, but it's more of a hobby rather than a passion ya know?

SuperButterBuns Shadow of the Colossus

NoobFeed: With the rising popularity of the SuperButterBuns channel, has it been hard to balance that and everything else? How have you been dealing with the stress of it all and how would you advise other aspiring YouTubers to deal with their stress?

SuperButterBuns: Well the popularity and the attention has been great that's for sure. But finding time to edit, stream and write on top of a basically full-time job has been tricky. I don't sleep much now, and writers block is kinda of a butt. I mean, it is stressful, but a good kinda stressful. A lot of people talk to me and I love interacting with everyone, but now that the channel is quickly gaining speed, keeping track of who is who has been the hardest part I think. For people who want to try out YouTube the best advice I can give is to be honest with your fanbase and let ‘em know what's going on. Like if you're running behind on a video and you're stressed, just let your fans know. They will understand and it takes pressure off of you to rush it. I push release dates back all the time and the videos turn out better because of it.

SuperButterBuns Shadow of the Colossus

NoobFeed: Has anyone in your family seen the sort of videos you put up on YouTube? What do they think of it?

SuperButterBuns: Weeeelllllll… originally I didn't want my family to know, but they found the channel on accident. Once they did I had to make some adjustments. Being family friendly was their main concern, but as long as I did that they would support me all the way. It's kinda the reasons I don't curse in the “For Beginners” series, or use crude humor. Even if I curse I always censor my content to protect the youths that could be watching. But my parents have a background in entertainment and are very supportive of my creative ambitious, and they understand that YouTube can be a career if you're popular enough, so they think the channel is great and they are helping me with some more technical aspects like trademarking the bun and whatnot. What's nice is my parents don't blindly support everything I do; if I suck at something they will let me know but they are very excited to see where this can go.

NoobFeed: Which bun is your favorite bun to use in your videos?

SuperButterBuns: My favorite bun has to be the first one I made. It's the one where the eyebrows are super low and I look really aggravated/annoyed. All of the main buns are based off of expressions I make in real life and my natural face is that bun, so it best reflects who I am I think.

NoobFeed: About your friend Evan, who appears in a lot of your twitch streams: will you ever do a collab “For Beginners” video with her someday?

SuperButterBuns: I'd love to collab with her and I have some scripts written where she makes an appearance, but finding the time to get her into stuff is tricky since she attends college.

NoobFeed: Out of all the horror games you've played, which one scared you the most?

SuperButterBuns: Outlast scared the butter out of me, oh my god! That game does not let up and I was constantly freaking out. I wouldn't have been able to play it alone, I had to bring in Evan to keep me calm because she's tough as nails.


NoobFeed: You have a list on your channel of the games that you're planning on doing next for your “For Beginners” series. Are those all your favorite games, or are they just games you know very well?

SuperButterBuns: Most of my favorite games have been done already, but what's currently on the list are games I've completed and I would say have a good understanding of. Some of my favorite games I can't cover yet because I don't have the hardware for it, but hopefully I'll be able to afford the stuff soon.

A big thank you to SuperButterBuns for agreeing to speak with me about her show, video games and everything in between. If you want to see more of the Bun, check her out on her YouTube channel, Twitter, Twitch and Ask FM.

Angelina Bonilla, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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