Beginner Tips for Star Wars Battlefront

Get ready for Star Wars Battlefront with these tips

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Nov 2015

You want nothing more than to take the controls of a X-Wing fighter or dawn a lightsaber, I know because I was the same way when I started playing Star Wars Battlefront. Immediately after my first match I learned my hubris causing more agony and decided to start anew. To avoid the same mistakes I experienced I’ve constructed a series of tips for those getting ready to enter the battlefield of Star Wars Battlefront.

Play the Training Missions

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Most gamers will forgo training and head straight into their first multiplayer match. However Star Wars Battlefront plays a lot differently from most modern shooters and becoming suited in the shooting mechanics.

The game’s main currency is Credits, which are used to purchase new upgrades and weapons. Players will earn Credits through winning matches, playing training, Battles, Survival, and using the companion application. Players start with zero Credits and playing training missions will not only give you starting funds but help you in the basics.

There are five missions in total, each of them teaches one of the game’s key mechanics. The first mission focuses on X-Wing flying, then Speeder Bike on Endor, an AT-ST tutorial on Sullust, a Hero training mission where players take control of either Palpatine or Darth Vader, and finally a Snowspeeder mission where you learn how to taken down an AT-AT. Thesecan be played alone or cooperatively either online or split-screen.

These missions are safe environments where the player can learn important skills. There’s a maximum of three stars you can get in each mission, with their point values being 50C, 150C, and 250C.

Survival and Battle Missions

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When you’re finished with training, but still find competitive arenas unnerving, Survival and Battle missions are easy to solo but can be played cooperatively.

The point value for these stars is much higher than the ones found in training. One mission can yield as much as 2000 Credits. However be aware you only get the point value for each star once, so always attempt for stars you have yet to obtain.

Take Advantage of Third-Person

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Star Wars Battlefront gives players the option to play either from a first or third-person perspective, both offering different tactical advantages. First-person allows for more precision but limits your peripheral vision. Third-person allows for a better field-of-view especially when climbing or using a jet-pack.

4. The Impact Grenade is your friend

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Once you reach level 10 players will gain access to a new Hand. These work as loadouts, allowing players to equip Star Cards. These cards work as abilities and utilities, recharging with each use. Players have access to two utilities and one ability card for each Hand.

At Level 10 players are granted access to another Hand. While it’s great to priorities your Card unlocks based your play-style there are three Cards you must acquire.

The Impact Grenade is important. While they don’t do as much damage as the Thermal Detonator it can clear a room with ease and catch players off guard. Also Impact Grenades excellent as a last resort when death is imitate.

If you find yourself in a match where vehicles are a constant threat the Ion Torpedo is a must have. It’s an early unlock anddoes a decent amount of damage, especially when fire is concentrated. Make sure you have this card before heading into Walker Assault or Supremacy round.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Scout Pistol is perfect for close-range engagements. With a three round burst and can kill a player with one burst if properly aimed, it only have one charge before needing to be refilled so don’t miss.

Use Your Pick-Ups

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Pick-ups are scattered around the battlefield and can be obtained by anyone on the same team. Once collected certain pick-ups have a finite amount of time before expiring, with Hero pick-ups lasting only 12 seconds before being lost.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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