Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 5 Theories

We predict what Telltale has in store for Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 5

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Dec 2015

Minecraft Episode 4’s ending was conclusive. The Wither Storm was defeated, The Order of the Stone shattered and reformed, and everyone cheered the new heroes. 

The Return of the Ender Dragon

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During the episode Soren revealed that The Order’s greatest accomplishment, defeating the Ender Dragon, was a farce. Instead of facing the legendary creature and destroying it Soren used the Command Block to banish the beast from existence. Hence the lies started, with Ivor seeking to reveal the truth by unleashing the Wither Storm.

At the end of episode 4 Jesse was able to successfully destroy the Command Block, with the help of Ruben the Pig. With Command Block now destroyed, would this mean that the Ender Dragon will return? After all Soren used it to banish the creature from existence and the crystals that keep it alive are still active.

It would be a massive undertaking for the new Order of the Stone, to face the creature the original Order failed to defeat. It would be quite an accomplishment for Jesse and his friends, defeat the creature the original Order failed to kill.

Wither Sickness Citizens

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Wither Sickness was touched on this season, with both Gabriel and Petra enduring the harsh conditioning in different ways. Petra experienced muscle fatigue, weakness and constant pain while Gabriel was stricken with temporary amnesia. At the end of episode 4 something strange was left out, most of the citizens appeared completely healthy!

This could be a temporary illness, after all Petra didn’t begin to show symptoms until episode 2. If most of the inhabitants of the world were absorbed into the Wither Storm during its terror than we can argue that most of these people have a dormant sickness that have varied symptoms. This could present a new issue for the Order to tackle.

The Endermen

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Last we saw the Endermen aided in the fight against the Wither Storm. After the events of episode 3 The Endermen have no where to return. The End is flooded with water and this army of dangerous creatures could prove formidable against the populist. Unless Soren has a bunch of Ender Men costumes to give to everyone the people have a serious problem.

These are out theories, if you have your own share them with us in the comments below. Also check out our reviews of Minecraft Story Mode and our Full Play Walkthroughs.

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