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Looking back at Sony

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Jan 2016

Sony started off strong with the PS4, delivering exactly what gamers wanted in a next-generation console. As the vanguards of the next generation Sony continued their momentum and finished off 2015 strong with a solid line-up of exclusive games and new features for the PS4.

Let’s analyze Sony’s highs and lows of 2015.

PS4 Sells Big


In October Sony revealed that over 30 million PS4 units were shipped worldwide since the console launched in November 2013. This makes the PS4 console Sony’s best performing console of all time, surpassing the PS2 when it was at the same point at its lifespan. Who knew tailoring to the needs and wants of gamers is what people wanted from their video game console from the beginning?

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Announced

Shenmue 3,Noobfeed,YS Net,Shibuya Productions,

Thought to be vaporware Sony surprised everyone by revealing the third installment of the Shenmue series was in development, kind of. It was an announcement for a Kickstarter, which managed to hit its goal of 2 million in less than a day. While many saw this as a dream come true other viewed the campaign deceptive, with many confused how 2 million could possibly cover the expenses seeing that the first game cost $47 million to develop. Despite this bewildering stance many still hope that the project will deliver a promising sequel.

Bloodborne Triumph


Releasing back in March 2015 with strong reviews and positive reactions from fans Bloodborne was one of the primary reasons to own a PS4. Even today Souls and newcomers alike praise Bloodboure for it’s rustic atmosphere and difficult boss encounters. 

More Exclusive DLC

Call of Duty Black Ops III,Noobfeed,Treyarch,Sony,PS4,

Sony took the forefront and attempted to sway gamers who either owned both an Xbox One and PS4 or were deciding which console to purchase with exclusive DLC. The biggest being Call of Duty, where Sony snatched the exclusivity rights that granted users first access to new content from Microsoft and brought it to the PlayStation 4.

The Order 1886 Fumble

The Order 1886,Noobfeed,Ready at Dawn,SCE Santa Monica Studio,Sony,

Despite marketed as the must own title for the PlayStation 4 The Order 1886 fell flat, even before it released. When a walkthrough of the game was released, highlighting the short campaign, many were alarmed that the game wouldn’t live up to the acclaim that Sony set for it. While beautiful these fears were soon realized, with The Order 1886 being the first minor step for a larger game. And that first step left a very small positive imprint on the hearts of those who purchased it.

Until Dawn Delivers

Until Dawn,Noobfeed,Supermassive Games,Sony,

One of the biggest surprises of the year was Until Dawn. Original developed as a PlayStation Move title the game went under a number of changes before releasing as an acclaimed title for the PS4. Placing players in the setting of an interactive horror movie players determine the survival of the characters: promoting multiple replays.

The PS Vita Remains in the Background

Sony,PS Vita,Noobfeed,

The PS Vita has an incredible assortment of games from JRPGs to a handful of indie titles. It’s compatibility with the PS4 and plethora of free games through PlayStation Plus the PS Vita didn’t deliver any memorable titles.

Treading On


Sony has maintained a steady momentum, making neither incredible successes or devastating choices. A strong lineup of games and the valued offered by PlayStation Plus has kept gamers contempt for now but perhaps some risk is in order. 

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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