Fallout 4 DLC Predictions

What could the future Fallout 4 DLC hold?

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Jan 2016

Many of us are still playing the games that were released in 2015. However many of us are still glued to Bethesda’s latest gem, Fallout 4; with some going as far as to sue the company for the game being too addicting. What lies in the future for Fallout 4, after all Bethesda has revealed any information regarding upcoming DLC packs but that hasn’t stopped the community from crafted from clever theories using the materials found in the Commonwealth, and we are no different. After spending days in the wasteland, exploring abandoned facilities and uncovering hidden structures we here at Noobfeed have some suspicions of what Bethesda has in store for the future of Fallout 4.

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First we can expect that each DLC pack from Fallout 4 will explore areas outside the map but still trying to keep it local. As we’ve seen in Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage and Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money the first piece of content always focused on areas within the vicinity of the core game but in new territories. Operation Anchorage had players reliving the Cold War in a virtual reality system and Dead Money had players exploring the Sierra Madre Casino. Each DLC started off with players receiving a strange radio transmission and we can expect Fallout 4’s DLC to follow this same trend.

Next we can theorize that the first piece of DLC for Fallout 4 could focus on the coast of Boston. If you look on your Pipboy at the map of the Commonwealth you’ll noticed that the there’s a lot of water covering most of the landscape. This space isn’t empty either. If you traveled underwater you can see a myriad of sunken boats and skeleton remains throughout the seafloor. Those brave enough to sift through Fallout 4’s code found that content focusing on underwater exploration and combat were cut. A quest called 20 Leagues Under the Sea showcasing the Vault Boy panicking within a make-shift submarine and a harpoon gun were discovered and could be added in future DLC.

Cut content has appeared in future content in past Fallout games. In Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta pack cryo mines and cryo grenades were released as part of a DLC pack despite being cut from the core game. 

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Of course the biggest missing element here is life under the sea. No fish or any mutated aquatic life appears throughout the game, minus Mirelurks who appear in the shore. This could be the edifice for an entirely new storyline, focusing on aquatic creatures who either survived the radiation or a scientist attempting to revive these creatures.

In the quest Here There Be Monsters, if completed, Captain Zao gives the player access to tactical nukes and explaining that he doesn’t want to bring them home. What “home” could be or why he remains in Boston Harbor instead of leaving is never explained. This could be the starting point, allowing players to experience Operation Anchorage from the Chinese perspective or perhaps visiting China all-together. This theory shouldn’t be dismissed as Bethesda has shown in Mothership Zeta they aren’t afraid of taking some grand risks.

Regardless of where the DLC is going to take we there are some guarantees such as new weapons, armor, power-amor, clothes, characters and territories to explore. In past Fallout games the DLC almost always ended with the player gaining access to special new equipment to take into the wasteland and with settlements added into Fallout 4 we can also expect new tools, personalizing items and perhaps new companions. 

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