Is The Walking Dead - Michonne Worth Playing?

Is Michonne's story worth experiencing?

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Feb 2016

Many of us who’ve fell in love with Telltale’s vast amount of brilliant games hold The Walking Dead as one of the their best projects. Season 1 had fans weeping in vexing and satisfaction about the final moments. Season 2 had fans debating about how their Clementine would evolve into. Season 3 remains an enigma, many of us trying to predict how Clementine’s journey will continue, but until then a new Walking Dead game based on the popular character Michonne is due to release by the end of the month. However is it worth playing if you have no interest in the comics or television show?

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While the games have cross paths with television show and comics on specific occasions the developers of Telltale have attempted to keep their story within its own realm. Lee Everett and Clementine, although living in the same nightmare, have separate paths from the more notorious cast of the comics and television show. This allowed those who’ve fallen behind from one story branch to easily the other without feeling lost. Michonne’s upcoming miniseries actually collapses this barrier.

The game takes place during the events of the comics and television show, attempting to establish a backstory for the sword wielding lawyer. It’s doubtful that Telltale will craft a story that will make newcomers feel lost but at the same time it crafts an edifice where understanding the show and comics is necessary. Jumping into Lee’s story required no knowledge of The Walking Dead, instead information, especially critically information from the show and comics, would eventually make it to the player through the narrative naturally.

Now you’re probably already arguing that fans of the games could easily get into the story, even interest players who are unaware of Michonne to explore the comics and maybe the television show. That’s entirely possible, Telltale has a reputation of crafting incredible story’s and perhaps they’ve found a way to build their own story into Michonne’s backstory while remaining loyal to the lore. However this doesn’t cover the issue, why should someone invested into Clementine’s story bother playing this miniseries if it doesn’t further the story many are hoping to play?

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days, while introduced a series of unknown characters, further the story of Clementine. It gave players a reason to play it and provided information that would later on become significant in season 2. It’s hard to see how the upcoming miniseries will do the same.

It’s hard to get excited for Michonne’s miniseries. Although a popular character for fans of the comics and television show for gamers focused on Clementine’s story Michonne’s tale doesn’t garner the same level of interest. Fans of the series looking for something to hold them over until season 3 might be interested but for many, like myself, perhaps missing out Michonne’s legacy is prudent. 

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