Top V Games Releases this March

What are the best games coming on out this March?

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Feb 2016

March is here, time to trade in your candy for drinks. For gamers it’s less about seeing more green instead it is the start of a new wave of video game releases. March is full of new IPs and HD Remakes, however what are the best games releases this month? Thankful we’ve crafted a list of all the best games coming out this month. Here are the Top V video game release for March.

Mortal Kombat XL,Noobfeed,NetherRealms,WB Games,

While PC gamers won’t have the chance to pick this up those disappointed with the lack of content from Street Fighter V should check out Mortal Kombat XL. Not only does it include all the DLC but Mortal Kombat X is a terrific fighting game that teaches beginners how to how their ground in the competitive environment and encourage improvement. With over 30 characters and some of the bloodiest finishing moves to date you’ll have fun regardless if you win or lose.

Hitman,IO Interactive,Noobfeed,Square Enix,

Agent 47 is back and it’s how you choose to kill your targets. While walking up to your target and placing a bullet in their skull is easy making the person’s death look like an accident isn’t. Hitman will test your talents and your creativity, can you become the best Agent 47 in the world?


Pokken Tournament,Nintendo,Wii U,Noobfeed,

While the NX is on everyone’s minds the Wii U still has some strong titles worth looking at. Pokken Tournament takes the world of Pokemon into the competitive fighting ring. Don’t let it’s colorful platte of colors fool you, this is an intense fighting game. Best of all it marks the debut of Shadow Mewtwo.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD,Noobfeed,Nintendo,

Gamers clamored for a realistic Legend of Zelda game since the tech demo for the GameCube back in 2000. Fans got their wish with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in 2006 and now this amazing game’s HD remaster will launch this March. If you don’t own a Wii U, this is the reason to get one. Best of all if you loose your network connection you can still play without issues, than again Nintendo has shown that their network is solid.

The Division,Noobfeed,Ubisoft,

It’s without a doubt one of the biggest games to release this year. Ubisoft has marketed this game to become their biggest new IP to date, and with 2 successful betas reaching over 3 million participants it seems that Ubisoft is ready for release. With an extensive array of multiplayer options and a deep reward system players can find themselves lost in the game’s expansive world, trying to become the best Division agent possible. The Division is shaping up to become one the biggest games this year and if Ubisoft delivers ideal post-launch content we can expect this franchise to have a long longevity. 

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