Tom Clancy's The Division Basic Tips Guide

Learn the basic in Ubisoft's The Division with this handy guide

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Mar 2016

Once setting foot into The Division you’ll notice that the game isn’t simple. A deep and complex looting system is constantly encouraging you to mix and match your equipment to properly adapt to each situation. And you’ll need every advantage when playing, not only are NPCs dangerous but other Division agents are just as likely to turn against you once entering The Dark Zone. To prevent beginners from going into The Division blind we’ve written a list of tips to help agents in becoming on the most elite Division Agents in the game.

The Dark Zone - Play to Your Advantages

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Eventually you’ll have to enter this area. Called The Dark Zone this area is better known as No Man’s Land. At any moment players can turn on you and take your gear. Some players will actively kill other players for either thrill or trolling, but be aware that this is where you’ll get the best loot.

The Dark Zone comes with great risk and rewards. While players can lose their loot to other players and face some of the most powerful enemies in the game those who play smart can end up with some of the best weapons and armor in the game. Play to your advantages and be cautious especially in drop-off zones.

When you call in a helicopter everyone will know where you are. While most players will seize the opportunity to extract whatever gear they’ve gather some will use it as a hunting ground. Waiting for the right opportunity to ambush players. However rogue agents will appear on everyone’s map giving an all out kill order for every rogue agent.

Group Up

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There is strength in numbers, whether in story missions or journeying in the Dark Zone. The Division makes it easy for you to find other players who have similar objectives. While it’s always good to play cautiously with strangers, even if they’re in your squad, having more allies when completing missions will always grant you an advantage over NPCs. 

Change Gear Frequently

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You’ll quickly gather loot in The Division, however items with similar names have different variants. One item may grant a bonus for SMG damage and another variant can give that same bonus to assault rifles. If you think something may prove useful in the future you can store the item for later use, if not sell it or deconstruct it.

Crafting gear is another way to obtain powerful weapons. Deconstructing weapons will give you parts that are used at the Crafting Station at the Base of Operations. Blueprints for powerful weapons can be found in the world.

Shop From Dark Zone Vendors

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Vendors from the Safe Houses and Base of Operations all have the same gear regardless of class, however Dark Zone vendors provide the best gear. However Dark Zone vendors only accept currency obtained from The Dark Zone. Like I mentioned earlier, The Dark Zone is the best area to obtain legendary items but it’s also the most dangerous place in the game.

Have any more tips for beginning agents? Tell us in the comments below!

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