Play Nice, Don’t Go Rogue

The Dark Zone is a friendly place to explore in The Division

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Mar 2016

After hours of playing the same missions and spending an exhausting amount of time collecting intelligence I once again decided to step into The Dark Zone. Hoping for anarchy and the thrill of constantly looking over my shoulder was quickly diminished, players wouldn’t betraying one another. Instead most who unintentionally became Rogue targets immediately either commuted suicide or attempted to hide until the timer ran out. This was immensely confusing seeing that all the PvP content is centered in The Dark Zone, so what happened? Well it’s simple, there’s no point anymore to go Rogue.

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See you in The Dark Zone

The Division’s Dark Zone the PvP arena, where players battle against the strongest NPCs in the game for the best gear in the game. It’s also a place where other players can attack and steal equipment from other players. It you shoot another player you’re highlighted as a “Rogue Agent” and a indicator is placed on everyone’s map to kill you and your group. During extractions many of us expect a Mexican standoff during most of these situations, unknowing if the player’s who stumble into your extraction zone will end up executing you and taking everyone you’ve earned. In reality things are tamer.

This trepidation quickly came and vanished, it turns out it’s the insanely strong and unfair AI that should befeared. Once a player goes rogue they must survive until the timer above their head runs out, if successful a bonus of DZ credits and experience are deposited; if killed they lose a large portion of DZ credits and experience. This is the issue the payoff of going rogue is simply too high, with players loosing over 3 hours worth of experience and credits for dying rogue and gaining the equivalent of one successful “Landmark” raid.

Right now griefers haven’t made the entire situation upsetting, it there’s potential to make the entire Dark Zone a dire place to explore and fight. Some players will purposely walk in front of on-coming fire or walkonto a friendly grenade for either gain or laughs. Since the requirements for becoming rogue are simple, a small explosion or a few bullets, many have taken these exploitations as a chance to steal from other players efficiently. Where as going rogue was the going way to take another player’s loot now, if you plans things right, can trick the game into making a docile player public enemy number one and take their gear that way.

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Looking at my map in The Dark Zone, no problem

Going rogue is exciting and definitely creates a dynamic environment for those seeking thrills in The Dark Zone. However the risk versus reward is unbalance and everyone knows it. On occasion you’ll find a player willing to take that chance but it’s rare. Hopefully the next update will balance this out because The Division’s end game needs an enticing hook to keep people hook and doing daily challenges and harder variations of pasted missions isn’t enough. The Division needs The Dark Zone, but for now it’s a peaceful place.

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