What We Want From Titanfall 2

Titanfall was good, but it could've been better

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Apr 2016

Titanfall 2 was finally confirmed today to no one’s surprise. Still it rattled the internet, giving people a taste of Respawn Entertainment’s latest game having teasing it for so long. The first Titanfall blew expectations and delivered a solid shooter experience that went on to effect other games. However despite all its successes Titanfall had significant flaws that we argue if addressed will improve next game.

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Improved Single-Player Experience

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After the first Titanfall’s poor excuse of a single-player mode, and Star Wars Battlefront taking on a lot of heat for the lack of one, delivering a solid campaign is necessary this time around. Earlier this year lead writer Jesse Stern told Forbes that not only is a television spinoff show in the works but that the game will feature a fleshed out story.

Of course this wouldn’t only serve to expand the world of Titanfall and give players context into this war but give newcomers a better introduction into the gameplay mechanics. Having players jumped into active online matches against experienced players, especially weeks after the game’s release, in the first Titanfall was vexing, A basic tutorial was available to show all the necessary tactics and buttons needed to play but many look to the single-player as a safe zone to practice. 

More Options

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Titanfall 2 has to have more customizable options. Titans, Pilots, and weapons should have a dedicated cosmetic option for players to pick and choose their own layouts. This can go even further and allow for more modifications to weapons and Titans. Other developers are listening to fans demanding the chance to look unique and showcase their own style, it’s only prudent that Titanfall 2 does the same.

Space Battles

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Leaving the space station for a ground battle while witnessing an epic space battle going on right in front of me was the most agonizing part of Titanfall. To tease such a large and utterly amazing fight and stripe it away was horrible. You can argue that the maps were lush and varied but they were all on the tethered to the ground. With space battles you open up opportunity for larger gaps due to the low gravity and possibly multiple ship combat. After such an impressive demo of what could’ve been space battles would be a massive missed opportunity for Titanfall 2.

Dynamic Changes

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The AI controlled grunts and robots were decent cannon fodder and improving their combat efficiently would hurt the experience, especially in modes like Attrition. However allowing the other creatures within the game to take an active stance in these fights, killing other players and attacking Titans, would add another layer of strategy. Having birds Boneyard attempt to peck Titans, obstructing your view, or the large 

This can extend to offering people on opposing teams different options for offensive and defensive capabilities, based on the map. Unique upgrades such as a specially modified Titan, unique map-based Pilot boosters, or even aerial support can shift the tide of battles. 

Many will dispute that building destruction would improve battles but I disagree. Titans change this situation up completely. If a team decides to level an entire field, allowing Titans easily maneuverability, this could cause a serious imbalance between Pilots and Titans. Limiting Titan movements would ensure that Pilots remain dominate in the closed areas while expose areas acting as kill zones for anyone brave enough to venture into.

There you have it, all the new additions we would like to see in Titanfall 2. Have any other suggestions, tell us in the comments below!

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