Zelda’s Delay is a Bad Sign for the Wii U

NX's first massive step to push away the Wii U

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Apr 2016

Today Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo NX would release in March of 2017. This is the first time substantial piece of information Nintendo has given us regarding their mysterious console. We still have no idea what it looks like or what the system’s built. While this is great news it came with some bad news, Zelda’s delay. The primary reason being so Zelda releases simultaneously with the NX and Wii U. Despite Nintendo dissolve any notion that the Wii U isn’t being replaced rumors have been sprouting about the console going into limbo. Zelda’s delay supplements this fear and perhaps the of the Wii U.

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Currently the only game we know for certain is releasing on the Nintendo NX is The Legend of Zelda. No other games are confirmed for the console yet. This comes as a surprise since Nintendo never mentioned that Zelda would be releasing on the NX. Since 2013 Zelda was either referred predominately as Zelda Wii U, giving the poorly marketed system a powerful tether to latch on to. To come to the NX means that now only is Nintendo looking for a highly acclaimed franchise to sell with the NX but gives people an excellent reason not to purchase a Wii U now.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular franchises Nintendo has. When The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD released it bolstered sales for Nintendo’s Wii U by over 30% in NA and over 600% in Europe! It’s clear that this series is a system selling and if the NX is truly more powerful than the Wii U you can expect fans of the franchises to purchase the console that performs the best to play The Legend of Zelda 2017. Those who’ve held out on purchasing a Wii U for this specific title will most likely purchase the NX over the Wii U and those with a Wii U will probably sell their system for an NX. What will truly put the nail in the coffin is E3.

The Legend of Zelda 2017,Wii U,Nintendo,Zelda 2017,

Nintendo has confirmed that the NX won’t be appearing at this year’s E3, instead they’ll be focusing on The Legend of Zelda which means it will be playable on the Wii U. Everyone who plays and sees that game in action will be thinking about how different, most likely better, the NX version of the game will be. Even without a proper idea of what the NX is the idea of a more powerful system for such a popular game will instantly alert consumers to avoid getting a Wii U, instead wait for the NX.

The Wii U has an array of popular games that won the hearts of fans and critics. Super Mario World 3D, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Pokken Tournament, and Xenoblade Chronicles X have driven many, including myself, to look at the Wii U as a great console. However those titles have come and gone, The Legend of Zelda remains one of the most sought after games. Without it the Wii U will suffer, and in that agony the NX will rise.

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