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Get ready for the Overwatch open beta with these tips

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 May 2016

Blizzard’s hero-based 6v6 objective based shooter, Overwatch, is launching May 24th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Now you can try the game’s open beta until May 9th. Before jumping here’s some basic tips regarding the class system.


Overwatch is separates the class system into 4 categories that include Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support.  



The Offense class deals a lot of damage but easily killed. They tend to have very low health but makeup for this limitation with quick mobility, high damage output, and self-sufficiently.

Unlike other characters the Offense classes can handle most situations solo. However vanity could lead players in an early grave if they decide to take on too much. Instead players who take the offensive role should focus on securing kills and clearing enemy objectives. 

Attempting to push forward without support or diving headfirst into combat will lead you to an early grave. Ranging between 150-200 health points offensive players should play aggressively but be mindful of health items around the area and when it’s time to retreat.



As the name says Defense Heroes specialize in defensive tactics. While they can dish out a lot of damage protecting an area is their speciality, not diving into combat. These heroes can lay traps and destroy enemy players foolish enough to rush into a protected area.

Unlike the offensive heroes defensive heroes are slow. Lacking the mobility to avoid attacks and retreat attempting to vanguard an attack is unwise with one of these heroes. Instead lock down a specific area and set up an ambush. Jumping into a big fight, especially when in the center of the battlefield, will end badly.



The Tank’s job is to absorb damage. Drawing enemy attention due to their sheer size these heroes can take a hit. With the most health in the game and skills that make them survive longer these heroes lead the charge, protecting allies and taking hits.

The Tank leads the charge the enemy, leading the pace for their allies. Due to their low damage output they aren’t ideal for racking up kills but play a major role in keeping Offensive and Defense characters alive.

Tanks are generally equipped with abilities that either heal themselves quickly, absorb more damage, or protect their allies. Unlike other characters the Tank is ideal for cooperative players, leading charges and allowing other players to take charge of killing off opposition. While coupled with a proper Support class Tanks are powerful walls to overcome.



Support heroes buff allies, heal, and hindering your enemies. They’re not the best at dealing or absorbing damage but are the only ones who can properly heal allies.

The main goal as a Support is to keep your allies alive! Preventing kills is just as important as adding to the body count. Keep your tanks alive and if you see a player running from an enemy at the brink of death, heal them. Chances are they’ll turn around and kill the enemy player before they realize what happened. If your allies are having trouble pushing forward Support classes come with hindering abilities that could turn the tide.

Playing Support is tough, especially if the enemy team sees you. Support classes are usually the first targeted but if you play effectively chances are your team will fiercely come to your defense.

Those are the basics for each class category in Overwatch. You can now participate in the beta until May 9th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Overwatch will release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 24th

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