Pokémon Sun and Moon Cannot Be More of the Same

It's time for a change

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 May 2016

Since the release of Pokémon Red and Blue the handheld series has followed a strict formula based on that same edifice. A lone Pokémon trainer attempting to become the new champion by collecting all 8 Gym Badges, stopping an evil organization, and rising the ranks to become the new Pokémon Champion. The addicting recipe has had gamers clamoring for each year’s release, until now. The formula has become stale for everyone except the most dedicated Pokémon fans, if Pokémon Sun and Moon wishes to keep me interested in this franchise this will be the final game I purchase in the handheld franchise. 

Engaged Battles

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Pokken Tournament finally gave gamers the active combat system that they’ve asked for a long time, destroying any interest in going back to the rock-paper-scissors turned based system again. It’s a massive undertaking for a handheld system, especially with the large diverse roster of Pokémon, to attempt an active battle system on the 3DS. However using the same formula won’t suffice anymore as well, instead changing up how Pokémon attack and defend themselves would add flare to the stale recipe.

I would argue that introducing counterattacks and interrupting abilities to the combat system. This was found in Digimon World 2 where players could choose to interrupt attacks if a certain Digimon took damage. Counterattacks, when triggered, allowed a Digimon to attack on that same turn. Of course this wouldn’t work on a 1 on 1 playing field but shifting certain elements with the same concept, such as being attacked with a particular attack, would give a new layer of strategy and make battles more engaged. I’m not expecting anything similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising, that would be incredible if possible, but something enticing beyond type advantages. 

More Badges and Longer Adventures

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8 gym badges simply aren’t enough. When Silver and Gold versions allowed players to travel through the Kanto region it allowed gamers to undertake new challenges. This thrilling adventure down memory lane not only inciting feelings of nostalgia but added to the overall longevity of the game. With so many Pokémon games released since Red and Blue Game Freak has plenty of previous trainers to choose from that would make perfect candidates for boss battles, such as the protagonists of each past Pokémon handheld game.  Red is fun to fight but how many times do I have to beat the Pokémon Champion?

End HM Slaves

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HM moves are annoying. Some serve as great attacks, such as Surf, but most players have to save a slot open for a Pokémon who can learn are the vexing moves, such as Cut and Strength, just to progress. Obtaining these attacks are essential to progressing through the game but forcing players to carrying a Pokémon just to cut down a tree or move a boulder is vexing, especially if they have to run back to Pokémon Centers just to swap these Pokémon out. Put an end to the HM Slave and allow us to use HM abilities without having to teach them to a Pokémon.

What do you think, should Pokémon Sun and Moon attempt to refine the ancient Pokémon formula or remain loyal to the blueprint for every other Pokémon game? 

On May 10th more information regarding the Sun and Moon will drop, at 11am ET.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches this holiday season for Nintendo 3DS.

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