5 Overwatch Heroes Great for Beginners

Overwhelmed by Overwatch's character selection, start with these heroes

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 May 2016

With 21 heroes to choose from it can be difficult to find the right hero for your style of play. Trying out each character and seeing their abilities is ideally the best way to start experiencing what Overwatch has to offer. Learning the roles of each character is just as important as understanding the rules of the game. Strategy, teamwork, and classes are all connected, and to act efficientlywithout the competitive arena you'll need to master each one of these attributes. 

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Perhaps the closet you'll get to a regular FPS character Soldier 76 is a heavy damage dealer and great offense hero. Solider 76 can sprint, fire Helix Rockets to deliver heavy damage, and can deploy healing gadgets that restore health to anyone inside the circle. Once fully charged Soldier 76 can auto-target enemies, great for clearing out rooms. You won't find anyone else easier to control than Soldier 76.


For those look for precision McCree does heavy damage but at the cost of magazine size. His revolver only has 6 shots, but if every shot lands can he can take down any tank hero; especially if you choose to unload all 6 rounds using his close-range rapid fire option. If someone refuses to hold still you can always use McCree's combat roll to get in close and flashbang to temporary stun foes. When his super is filled McCree can instantly kill any enemy targeted when triggered.


Perhaps the simplest tank to use Roadhog is all about close-quarter combat. Equipped with a high-powered shotgun and grappling hook Roadhog can grapple enemies from a far, pull them in close, and blast them away. If things become too hairy you can retreat and refill your health, that's right Roadhog can heal without the need of a medic. However while drinking Roadhogcannot move. His super allows him to rapidly fire his shotgun continuously for a finite amount of time, great for clearing out rooms.


If the frontline doesn't entice you Mercy is perhaps the best support role to pick. Lacking in any offensive abilities Mercy can effectively heal comrades and generate shielding for them. If an ally happens to fall Mercy can revive them using the Resurrect ability. Support classes aren't the most exciting roles but their involvement can mean victory or defeat. Plus you can guaranteethat your allies will protect you.


Bastion is anything but gentle. This robot may have a special bond with birds but its turret transformation can rip apart an entire team if properly used. For those who prefer to defend or taking things slow Bastion is a perfect fit. Be aware that although Bastion's turret transformation is powerful enemy player's will know your station position once one of them is killed. Setting up shop constantly in new locations is important for Bastion's survival.

These are the best beginner heroes to choose from. If you disagree tell us why in the comments below. If you have any other advice for newcomers or those unsure what hero to choose from let them know in the comments below!

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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