The Walking Dead: Season 3 Predictions

What will happen in The Walking Dead: Season 3?

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Jun 2016

As promised Telltale Games has released the debut trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 3. The trailer highlights a brand new character, older Clementine, and new mystery.

New Location

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When we left off Clementine choose either to venture into the unknown by herself, to return to Carvers's destroyed settlement with Jane, or to a new settlement with Kenny with the option to leave with Kenny or remain in the encampment.

Regardless of your choice it seems that Clementine has abandon whatever location she was previous in to venture to a different area with a brand new ally. It's hard to believe that the tall man standing next to Clementine is A.J. since Clemetine seems to be in her early 20s whereas in Season 2 Clementine was in her mid-teens and A.J. an infant.

Look for A.J.

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The new character said something about a mark on a zombie Clementine just killed. It infers that Clementine and her ally are looking for a specific area and person, perhaps A.J.? Clementine doesn't seem to have Rebecca and Alvin's child with her so it's most likely that the duo is searching for him, perhaps he was kidnapped. 

The Mark

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The male character said something about a mark, and on the side of his neck we see a distinguished mark. Its clear that Telltale wants us to see this, perhaps he was once part of the settlement that Clementine is going to. Maybe this isn't a settlement, it could be a cult. The man clearly seems worried and both him and Clementine are armed to take down more than just zombies. 

The Walking Dead: Season 3 will launch this fall.

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