All Confirmed Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon

The new Pokémon joining the Pokédex roster this fall

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Jun 2016

This fall Pokémon Sun and Moon will launch with a brand new set of colorful creatures to collect, train, and battle. Right at the beginning trainers can choose the three brand new starters before journeying into the unknown in search of familiar and unfamiliar legendary Pokémon. As of now here are the Pokémon coming to Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS, Rowlet,

Type: Grass/Flying
Ability: Overgrow - When a Pokémon with Overgrow uses a Grass-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to â…“ of its maximum HP remaining.

The first starter is Rowlet. Don't be fooled by its wide eyes and leaf bow tie, this Pokémon is a predator.

"It flies silently through the skies, drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks. It can also attack from a distance using the razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers."

I cannot imagine what this little guy will evolve into.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Litten,

Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze - When a Pokémon with Overgrow uses a Fire-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to â…“ of its maximum HP remaining 

The second Pokémon has been created just for cat enthusiasts. It's decribed as a traditional cat, with fire abilities.  

"Litten can attack with flaming hairballs! Its fur is rich in oils and immensely flammable. Litten grooms itself by licking its fur, and then uses the collected fur as fuel for fireball attacks! When the time comes for Litten to shed its old fur, it all burns up in a glorious blaze. The move Ember attacks an opponent by firing a small flame at it."

I'm not a zoologist but burning fur and flaming hairballs doesn't sound hygienic or safe for the owner. I can't imagine who would keep Litten as a pet. But as a fighter it has its benefits.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,popplio,

Type: Water
Ability: Torrent - When a Pokémon with Overgrow uses a Water-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to â…“ of its maximum HP remaining 

Perhaps the least favorite of the starters according the official Pokémon Twitter account Popplio looks more like an entertainer than a fighter.

"Both frivolous and hard-working, Popplio can easily get carried away—unleashing enough power in battle to make quite a spectacle! But Popplio’s determined spirit means it can usually be found practicing hard on its balloon skills."

Reaching ove 25 mph on water is impressive for a water Pokémon but seeing Vaporeon is my favorite Pokémon I'm going to join the majority on choosing my starter and ignore this little guy. Unless his evolution is a water/dragon type!

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Iwanko,

Type: Rock
Ability: N/A

Little information is known about this Pokémon outside from its appearance. Judging from the appearance we can assume it may have a second evolution.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Nekkoala,

Type: Normal
Ability: Definite Sleep - Can't be afflicted with a status other than sleep

If cats aren't your thing maybe Koalas are. Nekkoala has a unique Sleep condition that prevent it from being inflicted with anything but sleep. That's a powerful ability, hopefully its statistics will make it worth keeping on my team.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Pikipek,

Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye - Prevents lost of accuracy & boost enemy's evasion
Skill Link - Allows moves that strike 2-5 times on the same attack to hit 5 times always

With two evolutionary stages and a beak capable of destroying Stone Pikipek may become everyone's first flying Pokémon.

"Pikipek can strike 16 times a second with its beak. These strikes are powerful enough to not only drill through hard wood but even shatter stone. The noises made by their blows can signal others. Some of these signals have been identified as warning signals and greetings among allies."

Strong, fast, and two evolutions! Pikipek you may become my new Pidgey.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Yungoos,

Type: Normal
Ability: Stakeout - Doubles the damage of any Pokémon that switches out or enter battle mid-fight 
Strong Jaw - Increases biting moves by 50%

Yet another normal type, and this one has an appetite similar to Kirby. Brought to the region to control the population due to he hubris of people, now Yungoos are seen everywhere. 

"Yungoos is a big eater that is never satisfied. The majority of its long body is given over to its stomach, and its digestion is swift, so it's always hungry. It has strong fangs, so it can crush and consume the hardest of objects. Each Yungoos chooses its own particular route for searching out prey. It stalks along this route searching for food until it's exhausted, at which point it drops and sleeps wherever it may be. It's thought that these Pokémon decide their routes based on safety, so that there's no risk in falling asleep at any time. Yungoos is not a Pokémon that is native to the Alola region. It was brought to the region to help deal with the explosive population of a certain other Pokémon, and now Yungoos are commonly seen around the Alola region."

Perhaps capturing this Pokémon isn't a bad idea. After all now population control is necessary for this litle guy.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Grubbin,

Type: Bug
Ability: Swarm - When a Pokémon with Overgrow uses a Bug-type move, the power will increase by 1.5× if the user has less than or equal to â…“ of its maximum HP remaining 

Grubbin may not be a bug/electric hybrid but its description tells a different story.

"Grubbin relies on its sturdy jaw as a weapon in battle and as a tool for burrowing through the earth. Grubbin loves electricity, which is why it can be found near power plants and substations. By wrapping tree branches in the sticky threads that it spews from its mouth, Grubbin can swing around like an actor on suspension wires!"

It isn't uncommon for Pokémon to change their types or add a sub-type after evolution. Classified as a Larva Pokémon means that this Pokémon will most likely have three evolutionary stages: a cocoon and a final state. Perhaps it'll take on the characteristics of an elecitric type once fully evolved.

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Solgaleo

Type: Psychic/Steel
Ability: Full Metal Body - Prevents statistic reduction from any Pokémon's move or ability

While shown as the boxart of Pokémon Sun and having the world Sol, which means Sun in Latin, this Solgaleo is actually weak to fire. Shocking I know, what's more bewildering is its description.

"Since ancient times, Solgaleo has been honored as an emissary of the sun. It is referred to with reverence as "the beast that devours the sun." Solgaleo's body holds a vast amount of energy, and it shines with light when it's active. It has a flowing mane with a remarkable resemblance to the sun."

How can a Pokémon that can eat the Sun be weak to fire? 

Pokémon Moon,Pokémon Sun,NoobFeed,Nintendo,Game Freak,3DS,Lunala,

Type: Psychic/Ghost
Ability: Shadow Shield - Lowers the damage taken with damage dealing moves when at maximum HP

Unlike Solgaleo Lunala's name isn't a contradiction. 

"Since ancient times, Lunala has been honored as an emissary of the moon. It is referred to with reverence as "the beast that calls the moon." Lunala is constantly absorbing light and converting it into energy. With its wings spread to absorb the surrounding light and glittering like a crescent moon, it resembles a beautiful night sky."

Unlike Solgaleo Lunala doesn't want to bring the end of the world as well. Judging from the two I think I'll choose Lunala.

What are your favorite Pokémon launching with Sun and Moon, let us know in the comments below!

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