Top Five Most Disappointing Games of 2016

Here are the top five worst games of 2016, so far.

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Jun 2016

2016 is halfway done and we’ve seen some incredible video game releases, and some not so much. For us to appreciate an excellent game we need something horrible to compare to. Here are the top five worst games of 2016, so far.


Star Fox Zero,Nintendo,Platinum Games,

Star Fox Zero was Nintendo’s attempt to revitalize the franchise by returning to the roots of the franchise. Unfortunately the game isn’t a sequel, instead it copies Star Fox 64 to the point that it feels more like a reboot. Shockingly the developers somehow botched the control scheme, forcing players to use gyroscopic targeting for precise aiming. Swinging your Wii U GamePad in various direction to properly aim while darting your head between the GamePad and television screen was hell. What was bewildering, for me personally, was the removal of the Blue-Marine for the Gyrocopter and hacking robot! Star Fox Zero was a myriad of poor decisions combined in one of the most beloved Nintendo franchise of all time. Do yourself a favor and play Star Fox 64 instead of this. 


Tom Clancy's: The Division,The Division,NoobFeed,Ubisoft,

It wasn’t The Division’s core game that convinced me to put it on this list, it was the post-launch content. After release The Division faced numerous issues, most of them allowing players to exploit the game to obtain powerful items and resources. Ubisoft went as far to threaten players who took advantage of these bugs with banishment. For a game dependent on active players The Division failed to keep a lot of gamers interested. Instead with each new update had players worried that a new set of problems were coming. Most gamers have returned to Destiny, which has seen massive improvement from the original game.


Quantum Break,Microsoft,Remedy Entertainment,

Quantum Break was Microsoft’s attempt at television/video game title. Defiance was a failure and we can add Quantum Break to the list. Gameplay focused on you travel through a linear path and eliminating waves of enemies while using time manipulation powers. The time-distortion abilities were cool, but after a couple of hours battles start to bleed into one another. Decisions that altered the game were poor, especially when compared to Mass Effect or Dishonored, offering very little reason to return for a second playthrough. Don’t worry though, you’ll spend more time watching the television segments than playing the actual game. 


Mighty No. 9,Comcept,Deep Silver,NoobFeed,

Fable move aside, a new game has taken the mantle for providing false promises. Funded through Kickstarter many hoped that Mighty No. 9 would carry the torch of Mega Man but after numerous delays gamers started to question the game’s quality. Now their fears have become real, the final product was mediocre at best. Beck’s debut attempted to recapture the legacy of the blue bomber but instead was filled with recycled content and poor synergy. After this fiasco my worries will transfer to Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


Umbrella Corps,BioHazard,Resident Evil,NoobFeed,Capcom,

No one was aware that Umbrella Corps released. This sham of a game attempts to piggyback off the Resident Evil franchise, especially after the massive success of the Resident Evil 7 demo. If you thought Operation Raccoon City was abysmal Umbrella Corps will take the number one spot as the worst Resident Evil game of all time, at least for those who remember. When the game launch barely anyone was playing, and now facing massive criticism it’s doubtful that it’ll maintain a decent community of players by fall. With poor AI, 2 game modes, a broken movement system, overpowered melee combat, bullet sponge enemies, and poor visuals it’s hard to understand why Capcom put any resources into this project. Stay far away from this game, go play the Resident Evil 7 demo instead.

What were your least favorite games of 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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