No Man's Sky: Crafting Antimatter

Just because you're alone in No Man's Sky doesn't mean we can't help you

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Aug 2016

You'll leap from planet to planet in No Man's Sky frequently in search of alien life, rare artifacts, and most importantly resources.

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One of the most sought after item being antimatter, an item that only be crafted. This item is paramount since it's used to make warp cells, items that allow your ship to travel faster than light. You can find warp cells in the wild but crafting them is more practical, but you'll need antimatter. Here's how you can get this precious item.

Random Drops and Purchase

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Antimatter can be found in chests randomly in outposts on planets or in chests at space stations. The other, and easy way, is to just buy the item. Some galactic vendors and trade vendors may carry one or two, but it'll cost you 50,000 units per unit. 


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The first piece of antimatter is given to you as part of the main story quest, guiding you to the antimatter blueprint and eventually the Atlas Path. Afterwards it's up to you to get the materials to craft it.

1 Electron Vapour. Crafted from 1 Suspension Fluid this item is available for purchase from space stations or It can be crafted from 50 Carbon.

50 Heridium. This resource is available planet-side but also happens to be frustratingly rare. You can just buy it from space stations, but it’s comparatively expensive. The other option is to look for it but it's rare. Fortunately the deposit sticks out from other minerals, appearing as a large bluish tower. 

20 Zinc. This is another planet-side resource but is more common. It’s found all over, though in the systems. It’s also available for sale in space stations.

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