PES 2017 myClub: Winning Guide and Strategy Tips

Tips in this article will definitely help you to win matches against tougher opponents in the Super Star mode in PES 2017 myClub.

By RON, Posted 05 Nov 2016

If Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 has given you a hard time, myClub will definitely make it harder. We kept seeking realistic gameplay, and when it’s right in front us, we don’t know how to deal with it. PES 2017 is definitely the closest simulation ever built to real life football, and it’s most striking feature, myClub, is outright difficult this year.

For those who aren’t familiar with the PES 2017 myClub feature, it’s a mode where you build your own team by signing/buying players with in-game currency: GP (Game points) or Coins. GPs are earned by playing matches, and coins can be obtained by weekly log-in or direct purchases. As an owner of the team, you hire managers, players and decide what to play, from Vs AI matches to Online Divisions. Each of these gameplay modes comes with its own challenges to overcome. Once a player wins around 50 matches, Super Star difficulty mode is unlocked. If you’re to learn more about PES myClub, check out my Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Review where I’ve talked in detail about its features. In this article, I’ll only discuss winning strategies.

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Super Star mode is awfully challenging no matter how good your team is. You must constantly think of ways to defeat the evolving AI during a match. I’m going to discuss some tips that will definitely help you to win matches against tougher opponents in the Super Star mode.


No matter how many superstars you have in your PES 2017 myClub team, make sure that team spirit is at least 95, and your players have the red glow in the area they’re assigned to play. Red glow means they are familiar in that position and will pass and receive the ball at ease, at the same time increasing team spirit too. When you sign/buy a new player, don’t play him straightaway as this will reduce the team spirit. Bring him in during the second half, after 60 minutes, for the first 5-7 matches until he has the red glow.

Same goes for new managers. New managers will bring team spirit down. Assign him as assistant coach for 4-6 matches before giving him the full responsibilities. Most gamers don’t do this, and this results in a longer time for managers to have full familiarization. During the assistant coach period, managers don’t lose contract dates, so it’s an added benefit. Also, never play Division SIM matches with a new manager, as you’re very likely to lose most of the time, even with weaker opponents.


PES 2017 has a new gameplay feature which is adjusting the gameplay strategies, from very offensive to most defensive. During the gameplay, quickly press the DPAD Up/Down button twice (PS4 controller) to adjust how your players will attack or defense (should be same on Xbox One controllers). There are five stages that you can select. The strategy bar will go up or down based on where you keep it. The bottom most format will bring every player inside the players’ half, and even the strikers will defend. Setting it top up will make the format most offensive. During the team setting time, you can select up to 3 players who can join the attack when your strikers take the ball to the opposition’s box, and if you select the players from your defenders, then they’ll join the attack as well. Be sure to have at least one defender with speed not joining the attack. In the case of an attack by the opponent, your defender has to have the speed to stop it.

Anyway, it’s best to start the game with the top attacking format. In this format your players will create front line pressure and defenders will maintain a higher line for off-side traps. The opposition AI will adjust their strategy time to time, and when they’re playing attacking and if you’re a goal up, go a bit defensive. The AI will go most defensive when they score first and will play on the counter. So try to score first with an attacking format else the match goes very tight in the second half. The opposing AI usually plays very offensively in the second half, when first half is goalless or they’re one or more goals down, and in the last 25 minutes they play most attacking. So, be sure to adjust your strategy based on how your opposition is playing.


Holding midfield players are hard to find in PES 2017 myClub but, when you have one, definitely play him on regular basis. In most cases you might have to use your DMF, or if you can find players who can hold the ball in the midfield and make through passes, things get a lot easier. In case you don’t have any players will higher passing abilities, do one-to-one passes to create space in the middle. Remember that you can do one-to-one passes only three times straight, for the fourth or more, take a break by holding the ball for a second or two. When you hold the ball in the midfield, both your striker and winger will make the run forward. Simply through pass or lob, based on how the AI is defending, and take the shot. Most players aren’t capable of taking one time shots. If you’re close to the opposition keeper, don’t try to control the ball; just shoot straightaway. If you have space to control, then don’t shoot, rather place the ball towards the goal, or score by a log. The keepers in PES17 are improved and they’ll mostly save the shot if taken directly towards them. I personally hold R1 before placing the ball preciously into the corner.


Most gamers do the mistake of selecting only superstar players in one team. This is not a good strategy when considering long term play. Players above 85 stats cost around 300GP per game, and with 11 players it’s around 3300GP. After each game in Super Star mode, players get around 3000GP if won, or 1200 if drawn and 800 if lost. When it comes to contract renewal, gamers pay a heavy toll on their GP. So combine your team with all types of players. There are silver players such as Luke Shaw, Abate, Bailly and Silva who are decent enough to be played. These players cost 150/200 each match and when playing them by rotation, myClub is profitable. Else, get ready to pay from your own pocket to buy Coins for contract renewal for your superstars.


If you’ve checked both the gameplay videos that I’ve included, you’ll notice that AI has been most aggressive and yet I’ve dominated the play and won the matches. It’s not my skills that helped me to win, it’s how I stayed composed throughout the match. Even if you go a goal down or two, stay composed, don’t go on attack straightaway and try to implement your strategies. Sometimes it gets harder to come back to a game when you went couple of goals down in the first half. So play the new players in the second half and let them have some experience. Remember that it’s only a game and sometimes you must lose to enjoy the times when you win. If you’re always winning, then you’re not going to enjoy the game for long.

Have fun because the pitch is yours.

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