Final Fantasy XV: How to Level Fast

Need experience in Final Fantasy XV, use this guide

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Dec 2016

The world of Lucis is full of challenges to overcome and enemies to defeat. However, like every RPG your strength is determined by your level. Fortunately, I've played hours of Final Fantasy XV and constructed a helpful guide to help you level up fast and get to killing mountains.

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Eat Regularly to Earn Extra Experience

In Final Fantasy XV eating has become an important part of survival. No, you don't need to actually eat to survive but these amazingly decorated and delicious looking meals grant your party an array of bonuses such as experience boosts for a finite amount of time. Since you can only earn gil by completing quests and selling items buying meals could be costly, instead take advantage of Ignis amazing cooking skills.

Ignis will only make meals at campsites and while these grant the lowest experience bonuses as oppose to Inns, sacrificing a mere 1k or lower experience for a full day of extra experience is worth it. You can also head to local resturants but given the cost unless you have disposable income it's best to leave the cooking to Ignis.

Ignis will learn new recipes by while collecting ingredients, killing monsters, walking by people eating certain food, and eating at restaurants. A notification will appear for every new recipe discovered.

- All Recipes for Experience Boosts

- Cooked by Ignis

Stacked Ham Sandwich: +50% EXP (and +200 HP) – Ingredients are Garula Sirloin, Fire Gighee Ham & Aegir Root

Mother & Child Rice Bowl: +30% EXP (and +50% Drop Rate, +1000 HP) – Requires Chickatrice Egg, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham Rice.

Royal Banquet Canape: +50% EXP (and +75 to Strength/Magic) – Requires Arapaima Roe, Kettier Ginger and Allural Shallot.

Lasagne al Forno: +100 EXP (and +4000 HP) – Requires cooking level 9 and ingredients Jabberwock Sirloin, Cleigne Darkshell and Fine Cleigne Wheat.

Outside Resturants

Galdin Gratin: +10% EXP (and +50% Strength/Magic, +500 HP) – Mother of Pearl Restaurant Galdin Quay

Fat Chocobo Triple Decker: +50% EXP (and +400 HP) – Wiz Chocobo outpost after ‘A Feathery Feast’ sidequest

Fine Caviar Canape: +50% EXP (and +75 to Strength/Magic) – Maagho, Altissa.

Maagho Lasagna: +100 EXP (and +4000 HP) – Maagho, Altissa.

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Become the Hunter

Final Fantasy XV is full of amazing places to explore and side quest to complete. Perhaps the best way to earn experience is the hunting side missions. These not only give you access to special items and ingredients but are the fastest way to earn experience and gil.

To find one of these bounties simply head into the diner of most rest stops and talk to the cook. They've give you information about the area, highlight key areas such as treasure, and access to the bounty board.

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Manage Your Sleeping Patterns

Like eating sleeping has become an essential aspect of Final Fantasy XV, it isn't necessary to survive but it's the only way to bank your experience and level up. Different hotels and inns offer varying degrees of experience boost, with the most expensive locations offering the largest boost.

The top three locations are the:

Royal Suite in Leville in Altissa 3.0x - Late Progression
Galdin Quay 2.0x - Early Progression
Longwythe Rest Area 1.5x - Early Progression

The best way to maximize experience is to use Ignis' cooking, followed by completing a large sum of bounties, and finally resting at one of these spots. You don't need to sleep or eat, despite what the characters say, but during night time the strongest enemies come out so save frequently. If Noctis dies you'll resort to your last save.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PS4 Pro.

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