Final Fantasy XV: How to Find and Kill Cactuar for Massive Experience

The little green monsters are back in Final Fantasy XV, they're small, strong, and earn you a lot of experience

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Dec 2016

The Cactuar's are back in Final Fantasy XV. Like in other Final Fantasy games these little green monsters yield some incredible bonuses for those brave enough to fight and kill them.

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In past Final Fantasy games the Cactuars usually yield rare items or special bonuses unique to that game, this time it's experience points.

Cactuar and Slactuar are very rare creatures that can only be found in north-west of Hammerhead called Leide, north of Longwythe, and in Duscae by the Perpetouss Keep.

These creatures have a very low spawn rate and come out during dawn and in the late afternoon. Go to one of these areas and use you monster summoning whistle to lure one out. Once found the fight begins and you must act quickly or they'll run.

Both Cactuar and Slactuar are weak to Daggers and Gun weapons but avoid fire magic, they're resistance to that. Blizzard and Thunder work fine but make sure the spells are potent, you want to kill the monster quickly before it flees.

What do you get?

Cactuar and Slactuar yield 3,333 experience and special items. Cactuar drops an Oracle Ascension Coin sometimes which are high-valued items that can be traded or used in powerful spells.

Slactuar will drop the Cactuar Needle which is used by Cid for special upgrades.

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