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What are the best Resident Evil games?

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Jan 2017

The Resident Evil franchise is best known for being the vanguard for the survival-horror genre. While the franchise has stumbled since its debut in 1996 with games such as Operation Raccoon City and the recently negatively received Umbrella Corps. the series still has some of the best games on the market today. With Resident Evil 7 almost we've decided to list our top Resident Evil games of all time.

Resident Evil 2,Capcom,NoobFeed,

Resident Evil 2 brought gamers to Raccoon City, one of the most iconic locations in the Resident Evil franchise. Zombies alone were a challenge to kill given the frugality of resources in Resident Evil but now you had skinless creatures with long tongues and sharp claws called Lickers, giant crocodiles, and other mutated horrors to deal with. Introducing newcomers Leon Kennedy and Clarie Redfield Resident Evil 2 was one of those games that tested whether you brave enough to play at night without the lights on. To think this game almost didn't happen.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis,NoobFeed,Capcom,

Since its debut in Resident Evil 3 Nemesis remains the most iconic, terrifying, and relentless stalker to ever exist in a video game. This product of the Umbrella Corporation has one goal, kill all S.T.A.R.S members. This unstoppable force comes at random times during your journey and knowing this brute could smash into your room at any moment adds another layer of anxiety in a game where resources are limited. This constant switch of pace kept from slow puzzle solving to intense action kept me on my toes. Wondering if I'll make it to the next area or if Nemesis would run through had me on edge.

Resident Evil Revelations 2,NoobFeed,Capcom,

Where Resident Evil 5 & 6 failed to deliver a solid Resident Evil experience the Revelations series made up. Revelations 2 was the best in the series bringing back an old character and introducing some brand new ones as well. Instead of following the action route of recent past games the Revelations series was more consistent of the franchise's core elements. It still included cooperative play and multiplayer from Resident Evil 5 & 6 but unlike Chris and Sheva the cooperative play complemented the game's atmosphere. Players depended on each other and your vulnerability encouraged you to remain aware of your surroundings. That and you didn't need to punch a boulder down a volcano. 

Resident Evil HD,NoobFeed,Capcom,

How do make a classic game great again? You re-release it with improved visuals and gameplay. Despite its poor sales, the Resident Evil HD was critically received and one considered one of the best games in the franchise. If anything, Resident Evil HD demonstrated what a proper HD remake should consist of. Not just a graphical update but overall improvements from the core game. For those new to the franchise this is a must play!

Resident Evil 4,Capcom,NoobFeed,

Resident Evil 4 was a revolution for the franchise, revitalizing the series and still heralded as one of the best survival horror games of all time. The new over-the-shoulder camera, dynamic enemies, and intense boss battles captivated audiences. What was shocking is that the developers intelligently crafted escort mechanics that made these sequences less taxing. The Stranger allowed players to control of which weapons to upgrade and encouraged exploration for exotic treasures. Mercenaries Mode was icing on the cake, offering players the chance to kill hordes of enemies while playing as iconic characters from the series. Even today Resident Evil 4 holds up against modern games in almost every category.

Those are our favorite Resident Evil games of all time, let us know yours in the comments below. Also, check out our list of the worst Resident Evil games here.

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