Observer: All Keypad Codes and Passwords List

Locked out in Observer, we have all the codes

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Aug 2017

Observer requires you to use Daniel's detective skills to find the combination to specific locks. Sometimes these passcodes are hidden in plain sight, other times in difficult to find areas. Instead, we've crafted a guide that includes where to find the passcodes and what they are. 

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Adam Lazarski's Apartment

A keypad is located on the opposite wall of the fridge, easily found using your mechanic visor. If hacked you'll only get the last digit, 4. The passcode is found in the closet on the front cover of the Orwell novel 1984. That's the code

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Ground Floor Hallway

To enter the ground floor son when leaving Adam's apartment. This can be easily hacked or enter the code 0446.

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Apartment 114 Keypad

To get this code you'll need to talk to the little girl in apartment 113. The code is 1074, then head down the hall to unlock the door.

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Tattoo Parlor

In the back room of the tattoo parlor is a keypad is a keypad on the headrest of the chair. Hack into Helena Novak's neural implant to get the code 3615.

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Basement Exit

Keypad is by the locked door in the basement with an exit sign above it. Hack it to get the first 3 numbers, 400, and the full keycode  4004.

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Apartment 28 Keypad


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Tattoo shop alley door keypad

Later on in the story, you'll come to a side alley with a bunch of red silhouettes, you need to unlock the keypad. Hack it to get the first 2 numbers. You'll find a night club that has a bunch of signs that say 69, the passcode is 2069.

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Apartment 202 

Hacking reveals the first 2 numbers as 36 and the last 2 numbers are 90. 3690.

Observer is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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